Transphobia. Ohio could pass legislation that allows genital control of children


At the start of Pride Month, Republican representatives in the state of Ohio passed legislation to exclude transgender children from sports. The text ” Save Women’s Sport Act hides behind an alleged protection of women’s sports in schools and would, in effect, expose students who participate in sports competitions and are suspected of being transgender to exams to confirm their gender.

If the text is allowed, children who would be identified by the opposite team as potential transgender people would have to present a certificate from a doctor who would check their genitals by a pelvic examination (an internal examination of the genitals), but also their level of production of endogenous testosterone as well as the child’s genotype by a blood test. In short, a traumatic test that would definitely exclude transgender children, but also any other cis-gendered girls or young women who present a harmless genetic variation in their hormone levels or their chromosomes from any sports competition in school.

“Transphobia has become one of the leading themes exploited by the extreme right and all reactionary forces, and with the approach to midterm elections, these attacks tend to increase with Republicans constantly creating new moral panic to turn transgender people into a new one.” enemy inside “.

Recently, there are more than 300 laws, several of which have been passed, in the red states attacking LGBTI people, and primarily transgender people. Several laws target transgender children by restricting access to transitional care, sports competitions, changing gender in marital status, or turning gender transitional care into a reportable “abuse” that could result in the withdrawal of custody of the child from his or her parents. If the assembly that could approve this text only meets in November next year, and the future of the law is uncertain, it is part of a series of attacks that have a profound impact on the living conditions of transgender people across the United States.

With these attacks comes the unprecedented attack on reproductive rights with the question of Roe vs. The Wade decision, which compromises access to abortion in several states. These are complete attacks on the autonomy of our bodies that come under the Biden administration and with a democratic majority in Congress. The same Democrats who remain helpless in the face of this reactionary offensive, be it an attack on trans rights or an attack on abortion rights, and who only claim to offer a “safe haven” for transgender young people in blue states and passively wait for the midterm elections in November .

Like Madeleine Freeman, our buddy from Left voicesister organization of Permanent revolution in USA:

But we can not wait until November. In a few weeks, tens of thousands of people will no longer have access, even limited, to health care, which will no doubt save lives. For decades, politicians convinced us that we were powerless to stop these attacks. They tell us that we must take our anger and fear with us to the ballot box, election after election, to ensure that even the nominal right to abortion is not deprived.

But we can not breathe anymore. It is time to raise a strong and united cry to defend our right to choose what we do with our body and our future. And that means tackling the Supreme Court, the Senate, the filibuster and any undemocratic state act that stands in our way.

The rights of LGBTI people and the right to abortion can only be won on the streets, independently, without being dependent on the Democrats’ election calculations in the United States. Here in France, where the same reactionary rhetoric is spreading in the assembly, the media, during the presidential election of right-wing extremist candidates, but also of groups of transphobic activists claiming feminism, it is important to remember the importance of a strong feminist and LGBTI movement independent of any state institution, which positions itself solidly for self-determination in the face of all reactionary positions, which defends a narrow vision of society and gender, essentializes and reduces women to the biological norm and the concept of fertility.

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