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With the hype growing for next season of the bachelor, there is no better time to think about past seasons. Whether these cast members made it to the finals or were released prematurely, there are men from the bachelor WHO can testify that the journey of finding true love can feel like a roller coaster – even more so on a six to 10 week show.

Sometimes it takes more than one chance to find the perfect match, and some have been lucky enough to find love outside of reality TV. Others are still waiting for their soulmate. Meanwhile, many of these exBachelor the old ones remain in the eyes of the public.

Tanner Tolbert

Her role in Kaitlyn Bristow season 11 was mostly forgettable; however, Tanner Tolbert stepped in Bachelor fandom because of his immediate chemistry with second week a Jade Roper. The two stayed together for the six weeks.

Although Tolbert knocked on his appearance Bachelorhe found love in Bachelor in paradise – where he and Roper were the only couple who got engaged in the finale and cemented each other Bachelor‘s popular alums. The couple now have three children together.

Adams Wells

Wells Adams was a participant in the Bachelorette, but JoJo Fletcher eliminated him during their one-on-one date because he failed to expand his interest beyond a platonic connection. Sparks did not appear to fly between the two, not compared to Fletcher’s chemistry with the “winner” – now spouse – Jordan Rodgers.

Adams, however, became one fan favorite during his short stay at BIP. In July 2019, he offered to modern familyIt’s Sara Hyland. After two years (due to the COVID pandemic), they finally started their wedding plans (via Brides).

Blake Horstman

Many candidates believed that Becca Kufrin should have chosen Blake Horstmann to marry. However, he participated in several seasons of BIP, where he got fans mocked for his playboy ways. Other fans are milder and say Horstmann was not related to anyone at the time. Fans hope he finds someone to share his adventurous lifestyle with.

In January 2022, People reported that the former Bachelor competitor and Love is blindby Giannina Gibelli dater. But none of their social media accounts encouraged speculation that they were still together.

Jason Tartic

Although he has become one fan favorite and favorite, Jason Tartick was eliminated just before the fantasy sequel. Becca Kufrin revealed that she felt that their bond with him was not as strong as her other relationships; they said goodbye that night.

Tartick is yet another season 14 reject, but serendipitously he and the former Bachelor Kaitlyn Bristow tuned in to an episode of her podcast, of the vine. The couple announced their engagement in May 2019 (via We Weekly).

Joe Amabile

For his charming good looks and funny personality, fans were sad to see “Grocery Store” Joe Amabile go home in Week 1, but he was quickly picked up for BIP.

While he was eliminated in his first season of spin-off, he revived with the old Bachelor participant Kendall Long. The couple dated for two years before they separated. Amabile returned for season 7 and went to the final with Serena Pitt, where he went on his knees. The two are still together, according to life and style.

mike johnson

Air Force veteran Mike Johnson was knocked out in Week 7 just before his hometown visit. During their one-on-one date, Hannah Brown admitted she was not for him and fans could tell he was blinded by her tearful goodbye.

Johnson was confident but cordial, and with his beautiful smile and genuine personality, fans (even hopefully anticipating) speculated that he might be in contention for the next one. Bachelor (Going through Heavy entertainment). At present, there is no confirmed information on his relationship status after 2021.

Tyler Cameron

When Tyler Cameron began explaining her feelings to Hannah Brown in the finale, she had to cut him off because she knew he was leading a courtship. Even though he took his reasons for the rejection without backing down, it was still hard to see his broken heart.

Fortunately, none of them seem to hold themselves in deep contempt. After the show aired, the “exes finally buried the ax” (via Youtube) and became quarantine friends. Single again, Cameron reported to Today let him focus on his career right now.

Chris Harrison

Some fans believe former host Chris Harrison was forced to ‘walk away’ from Bachelor. In retrospect, it was certainly bad to defend a controversial candidate in public: Rachael Kirkconnell appeared “in pictures while attending a pre-war plantation theme in 2018” (via BNC news).

While this is an unpopular view, few fans believe that others should have shown more grace instead of demanding Harrison’s head in the wake of the “cancellation of culture.” Old Bachelor Sean Lowe explained: “The cross is where grace is given (via Save your). “

Greg Grippo

Greg Grippo had cultivated a stable relationship with his seasonal bachelor, however their band took a dive after their hometown dates. He confessed to Katie Thurston that he loved her, but he felt that his confession fell on deaf ears.

Grippo admitted, “I’ve reached my breaking point” (via Youtube). In her defense, some fans believe Thurston was taken aback and ended their relationship before she could explain herself adequately. Either way, Grippo has gone on to date “someone new” (via The Viall files).

Joe Colman

During Michelle Young’s season on the bachelor, Joe Coleman was an early favorite as the two had mutual friends, hobbies and even attended the same alma mater in Minnesota. It came as a shock to fans when Young told Joe she could not “be your person” (via Youtube).

The farewell was heartbreaking but heartfelt, and it made fans hope Joe could be the next. Bachelor. Alas, The Bachelor announced that Clayton Echard would direct season 26 instead.

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