Arthur waited 4 years for Mareva Galanter’s divorce from a famous stylist

When it comes to true love, it is always better to wait. In Arthur’s case, it took him four years to finally experience perfect love with his beloved, Mareva Galanter.

If Arthur waited years before marrying the woman of his life, it’s because she was still in a relationship with another man when they met.

Now we can say that the two dwarf parrots are very happy together, and this in ten years of relationship.


Arthur should probably no longer present. As an emblematic character of PAF, he made himself known to the general public primarily thanks to the flagship program of TF1 “Vendredi tout est permis”, which he hosted for ten years.

In parallel with his media career, Arthur has already been married to Estelle Lefébure. Their romance began in 1999 during the 7 d’Or ceremony, and their marriage took place in 2004.

Estelle Lefebure and her TV host Arthur enjoy their company during the 2004 French Open tennis tournament. | Photo: Getty Images

At that time, the presenter was already the father of two children, including Samuel Essebag, born of his relationship with Léa Vigny, and Aaron, whom he had with Caroline Nielsen; while the former model was already the mother of two daughters, Ilona and Emma Smet, the fruits of her romance with David Hallyday.

Together, the two have actually formed a mixed family. Except that their relationship was not made to last as the former lovebirds ended their relationship in 2008, but remained close nonetheless.

Arthur and Estelle Lefebure. | Photo: Getty Images

“I’m getting along well with Arthur, and with David we’re happy to meet around the girls,”

trusted Estelle Lefébure to Elle magazine in 2015 before adding:

“You have to put anger aside and only keep the positive emotions. Tell yourself that you continue to share something, even if it’s different. Maybe it’s the wisdom of the times ”.

Arthur and Estelle Lefebure. | Photo: Getty Images

Today, the relationship between Arthur and Estelle Lefébure is purely professional. That was why when her ex-husband proposed to the former supermodel to attend “District Z” in 2020, she did not hesitate to accept.

“When he knew me very well, he knew I would not do too much resistance, as I am a bit of a warrior, that I like adventure, challenges, and he was not mistaken. (…) I trusted Arthur ”,

she said on TV Magazine in 2020.

Samuel’s father was also present for her during the filming of the adventure game.

“He was very protective of me. It’s true that we have a past together, so he would take care of me.”

revealed Ilona Smet’s mother during her interview. A beautiful story of friendship.


After her divorce from Estelle Lefébure, Arthur fell in love again. And this time, his heart chose Mareva Galanter. But before their romance took place, the two dwarf parrots had to wait four years.

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and Mareva Galanter on January 22, 2004 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

And with good reason? The beautiful Tahitian was still married to Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, 29 years older than her, when she met the host, in the program “Panic in the headset” presented by Frédéric Lopez.

Mareva and the stylist had actually been married since 2002. But in 2012, they divorced. After which the beautiful brunette started a relationship with the love of her life.

“He who is so busy, I can tell you, he was infinitely patient”,

she confided one day to “50 ‘Inside” before adding:

“We are very different. We are even against. I think neither he nor I had imagined that we could live together, that we would have a child.

Together for ten years, PAF’s emblematic character and beauty queen have truly become the happy parents of a little girl named Manava, which means “welcome” in Tahitian.

And like most children of celebrities, this one also lives far from the limelight, between the big city and Tahiti.


It is clear that Mareva Galanter is not a woman who is very stingy with self-confidence, especially when it comes to her life as a couple.

In fact, when she was on Buzz TV, Tuesday, June 7, 2022, the beautiful brunette without light confided in her relationship with Arthur. Very loving and fulfilled, the singer and actress had especially in her interview revealed the support that her beloved gives her in her projects.

“He encourages me a lot to see my projects through to the end”,

she said, adding:

“He knows how visceral my commitment is and how concerned I am. He also met them the Coral Gardeners, and then he sees how beautiful this land is and how much it needs to be preserved. He greatly encouraged me to carry out this project.” .

Although Manava’s mother greatly appreciates her husband’s help, she nevertheless made it clear that she did not like working with him.

“To each his own world, to each his own universe, and no one interferes in the other’s terrain. To each his own!”,

she said honestly.

It should still be noted that even if the two lovers do not work together, it does not prevent them from loving each other strongly and living a beautiful romance worthy of an adventure.


Like his ex Mareva Galanter, Jean-Charles Castelbajac has also rebuilt his life after their divorce in 2012.

Today he is married again and the father of three children, the last of whom was born in 2020. Her name is Eugénie and the stylist welcomed him at the age of 70 years. Very supporter of social networks, it was especially on his Instagram account that he presented the little one by sharing a picture of her.

“MUSHROOMS and I smiled, amazed at this look yesterday morning, my daughter, Eugénie, a wonderful little fish. I’m touched, sorry, but paradoxically, when I take her in my arms, I have the feeling that she has always been a part of my life ”.

he subtitled it before adding:

“Thank you Pauline for this sacred treasure. Thank you to everyone who wrote us pink and blue words.”

Note that Jean-Charles Castelbajac on the social network is followed by more than 120,000 subscribers, most of whom are celebrities who did not fail to respond to the release of the artist.

“Wonderful, I kiss you both and congratulate you on this little beauty”,

commented fashion designer Chantal Thomass while actress Marilou Berry showed her affection with a heart emoji.

Other fashion designers also wanted to congratulate the father of family, among whom has been the artistic director of Benetton since 2018.

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