Is there a crow in the crypto community? Telegram damaged

Urban legend – Since June 7, a dark tweet has touched the crypto community on social networks. The post accuses influential members of society of fraudulent, even criminal behavior. Currently no name is filtered. The tone of the letter is worthy of a racial tragedy. The serious facts described there raise even more doubts about this case. Telegram encrypted messages, which is widely used by cryptography enthusiasts, would be subject to a major security flaw. If true, this error will make the application anything but secure. Sent anonymously ignited the tweet Crypto Twitter. The account announces that it has recovered very compromising information and has published a calendar with upcoming revelations …

A collar on Twitter

Let’s remember the facts. Twitter account Adyingnobody came up with a sensational statement on June 7th. He attached a letter, which can also be found in the comments to the post. This thread has spread like wildfire in the cryptosphere. He gave free rein to interpretations of the digital chicken house run by the blue bird.

The anonymous explains that he found one Telegram security breach. He would thus have had access to private conversations without being a part of them. He explains that he thus directly targeted influential members of the crypto community to exploit this error and therefore spy on them. Between October 2019 and May 2022, the author of the tweet would have accumulated more than 137 GB of discussions.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sending 137.21 GB of chats and messages from Telegram groups of which I was not a part. Why ? All thanks to a bug discovered in October 2019 that allowed access to the group’s page with the latest messages if the relevant permissions were not configured. At the time of writing, the Telegram team has been contacted about this. »
That raven, @adyingnobody

Tweet from adyingnobody, an upcoming bomb in the crypto community? – Source: Twitter

Monstrous messages about the crypto community

Linear analysis or compound comment? We hesitated. This lyrical letter is imbued with a dramatic tone that leaves doubt about its correctness at the moment. The evidence is still lacking. In these hacked messages there would be evidence of many crimes. Something to shake society if these accusations were to be proven.

The Raven describes a chart of revelations. The information will be given in advance in small and large quantities between 15 June and 30 June. The final unveiling would take place on July 7th. The letter ends with an address Ethereum who would be presumed to record all his statements on the blockchain on each announced date.

A denial from Telegram: a crypto-scam under way

But very quickly Telegram spoke to our colleagues from Blocks and on Twitter. The social network thus explains that the allegations made would be false and would have ” all the hallmarks of a scam “.

The Telegram app responds to @ adyingnobody notification
The official Telegram messaging account rejects any security breach. Source

Blocks also confirms having received an email with the same pseudonym and similar comments. However, they had no details as they asked for more information. However, what he urges to do to publish the thing:

“Those who know me will very soon know who I am, for the rest of the population it does not matter. Due to the overwhelming amount of postings, I formally invite reputable press in the community to contact me for examples of archives of groups I have previously curated. I’m going to you notification because there is a conflict of interest. Many are personally involved, whether they are friends of these people in these records or financially connected in some way. »

A spokesman for Telegram was aware of this sensational announcement. He declares, always to our colleagues of Blocks, that the goal of the process is to download malware to steal private keys, sensitive data. Examples of cryptocurrency wallets being pulled off, sensitive files stolen in this way are sadly too many. Artist Beeple has also recently had his Twitter account hacked for the purpose of hacking the artist’s community.

As of this writing, no evidence has been presented. Above all, this case remains an example of the distrust that must exist for the information that hangs around and haunts Twitter. It can be tempting for the curious, but also for the big wallets to give in to, for example, the extortion of the collar. It is therefore important to find and then cross-check various reliable sources and not to click on anything. Meanwhile, the horrors described in the Twitter thread remain hypothetical, reminding us of the importance of security. So never forget the saying DYOR (Do Your Own Research), always do your own research.

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