MS Satoshi: The Incredible Story of Ocean Builders Crypto Lining

By 2020, three cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be buying a cruise ship. Ocean Builders, as they call themselves, call their liner MS Satoshi, also known as the Crypto Cruise Ship. They dreamed of creating a free community around bitcoin (BTC). This dream has come to an end. Here is the incredible story of this crazy will to be free embodied by seaside resort.

What is seaside resort Where aquaculture ?

that aquaculture is the idea of ​​withdrawing from formal communities and governments by building a “home” or even a community, unregulated and national in international waters. This concept is not new: The Republic of the Rose Island of the Republic existed for a few months in 1968 off the Italian islands. It is updated by bitcoin (BTC) enthusiasts who are eager for freedom. We will see that it is very difficult to implement because the sea is not a free space, but on the contrary a highly regulated space.

The dramatic episode Chad Elwartowskiengineer and early investor in bitcoins (BTC), is a proof of this (Pseudo Elwar on the famous Bitcointalk forum).

Chad Elwartowski and his partner threatened with death by Thai authorities

Chad Elwartowski unfailing optimism

In 2019, Chad Elwartowski is threatened with death by the Thai authorities looking into his seaside resort offshore as a threat. After escaping police with his companion, he abandoned his liner MS Satoshiour sailor retains his optimism and his thirst for freedom. In March 2021, he declared on bitcointalk that he wanted to find out about buying a country: “I researched what it takes to buy a country.”

Today he is fully involved in his project of Seapods.

Ocean Builders imagines Seapods in Panama

From 2019, Panama will support the new project of the three Ocean Builders Romundt, koch and Elwartowski : them Seapods. Individual houses held 3 meters above the water by a single pillar and a tripod-like base under the sea. The designer, Koen Olthuis, is a Dutch “aquatect”, an architect specializing in aquatic projects. That Seapods has an amazing aspect, like the white helmet of a giant coming out of the waves. Inside, each surface is curved. That Ocean Builders employ a team of about 30 engineers and mechanics and in early 2020 start building the first prototype of seapod.

Panama’s Ministry of Tourism hopes a new “marine community” will attract visitors as part of its 2020-2025 Sustainable Tourism Plan. The idea of ​​a community of crypto investors settling on their shores without paying taxes does not seem to bother him.

The story of MS Satoshi liner

In October 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic left a host of lines to berth, Chad Elwartowski, Grant Romundt and Rudiger Koch Redeem Pacific Dawn, a 245 meter long cruise ship for 9.5 million. The goal was to settle off the coast of Panama and create a community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts there. As a tribute to Satoshi Nakamotothe pseudonym of the mysterious inventor (or inventors) of bitcoin (BTC), they rename the ship MS Satoshi.

But turning a cruise ship into an independent entity is proving more difficult than expected: the open sea, which seems boundless and free, is actually one of the most regulated places on earth. In particular, the cruise ship sector is subject to complex rules.


They charge Olthuis to draw the plans and place the ship in the heart of a floating community surrounded by Seapods. In his project is MS Satoshi via two tunnels running over the water, connected to man-made floating platforms for agriculture, manufacturing and parks. Seen from heaven, the whole society would form the B-form of bitcoin (BTC).

The project in video

Cabins Marketing on MS Satoshi

The marketing of MS Satoshi get started quickly. Her 777 cabins were to be auctioned off from November 5, 2020. viva viva, the new company created for marketing, offered cabins from $ 25,000. The ship was built in 1991 at the Fincantieri shipyard in Trieste, Italy, and is one of only two cruise ships designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano. A crew of about 40 including a chef, engineers and cleaning staff are employed. An experienced British cruise captain, Peter Harrisarrived to take command of the liner.

MS Satoshi is not insured to stay in place

Chad Elwartowski wanted to make the liner a floating abode, to avoid some of the very strict requirements of maritime law. But Panama wanted it to remain officially designated as a ship. Insured to navigate, MS Satoshi is not insured to remain static.

MS Satoshi cabins are not for sale

Operating such a vessel can cost, even at berth, up to $ 1 million per month. Fuel alone cost about $ 12,000 a day. He was supposed to sail, he was assured of that, but that was not the goal. On the one hand, the cabins were not sold, on the other hand, he could not stay at the quay due to lack of insurance.

The end of a utopia. Instagram photo.

December 2020: the end of a dream

That Ocean Builders understand they have to sell Satoshi, but who would be crazy enough to buy a cruise ship in the midst of a pandemic? The team announces the sale of the demolition of Satoshi to a shipyard in Alang, India. The demolition of Satoshi proves to be impossible under international rules. The contract with the yard must be terminated.

The acquisition of MS Satoshi

Finally MS Satoshi finds buyers with the British cruise company Ambassador Cruise Line. For the fourth time in three decades of navigation, it is being renamed. “Ambience” is now its new name. The initial cruise will take place on April 20, 2022. On Monday, June 6, 2022, the liner Ambience will land in Honfleur. You can see what happened to MS Satoshi here and realize the gigantism of this liner.

You can follow the projects Ocean Builders and understand aquaculture.

The excellent Guardian article will give you many details about this incredible libertarian adventure.

that aquaculture is still relevant despite current local regulations forcing bitcoin (BTC) enthusiasts to give up or adapt. Creating a community around bitcoin (BTC), independent of any state, seems impossible today and we can only admire the strife of enthusiasts like Chad Elwartowski and his staff. However, in an interview, Grant Romundt admits to having given up his libertarian dream of making these Seapods a real business. Can we blame him?

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