Sarah Knafo knew Eric Zemmour as a 13-year-old

Are we not saying that love has no age? Only emotions count, especially since you do not always control your heart. Despite a 34-year gap, Sarah Knafo is in a relationship with Eric Zemmour, whom she met when she was 13 years old.

The French presidential campaign of 2022 is now behind us. Among the main actors who animated this election, Eric Zemmour occupies a polling station. Although he became number 4 in the final rankings, the polemicist made a remarkable entry into the French political sphere.

The leader of the “Reconquest!” Party forms an impressive duo with his adviser and campaign leader, Sarah Knafo. After several rumors about the existence of a romantic relationship between them, the polemicist finally confirmed what everyone already thought.

With great pain, the woman he married almost 40 years ago nonetheless supported him during the presidential campaign.

Focus on the relationship between Eric Zemmour and Sarah Knafo, who is suspected of being pregnant with him.

The great complicity between Eric Zemmour and Sarah Knafo. Source: Getty Images


Journalist Étienne Girard, like several of his colleagues, wrote a book about Eric Zemmour. In his work entitled “Le Radicalisé”, the journalist deals with several aspects of the polemicist’s life, including his relationship with Sarah Knafo.

Eric Zemmour poses in Paris on January 18, 2002, following the release of his book “The Man Who Did Not Love Himself” І Source: Getty Images

As we read this book, we discover that Eric and Sarah met when she was still 13 years old. Sarah is actually the daughter of a friend of Eric Zemmour. This is how they met, and over the years they have not stopped rubbing, while at the same time they have tightened their ties.

Sarah sees Eric as a true mentor. The friendship and trust that binds them has facilitated their cooperation. This has also enabled the young candidate from ENA to help the polemicist always push his boundaries. Their participation was one of the highlights of Eric Zemmour’s campaign in the 2022 French presidential election.

Eric Zemmour and his advisor, Sarah Knafo. Ilde Source: Getty Images

Étienne Girard describes this relationship as “Fusional, unique, beyond a classic relationship between an adviser and a possible candidate. It’s unheard of”.

Sarah Knafo convinced the polemicist to run in the French presidential election in 2022. She previously served as an adviser and became his campaign leader.

Eric Zemmour’s adviser Sarah Knafo smiles І Source: Getty Images


Like the majority of top politicians, Eric Zemmour’s life has come under scrutiny. The sentimental aspect has not escaped this analysis, and we now know more about the polemicist’s family life.

Since 1982, Eric Zemmour has been married to Mylène Chichportich. She is a lawyer specializing in bankruptcy law. She is also one of the founding members of the Parisian firm “Marigny Avocats”. She is a woman who has always chosen to remain in the shadows, perhaps a little too much.

Eric Zemmour arrives with his wife Mylene Chicheportich (L) on January 14, 2011 in court in Paris, where he appears to incite racial hatred І Source: Getty Images

She had a very bad experience of her husband’s entry into politics, especially because of the media exposure that this generates. December 5, 2021 marked the official start of her husband’s campaign. Unfortunately, Mylène had a particularly embarrassing moment, which was reported by Paris Match:

“Eric Zemmour’s wife, Mylène, actually showed up there accompanied by their three grown children.” No private space has been allocated to them, not even to Jean-Luc, Zemmour’s brother, who came with his eldest son. “

She did not at all appreciate what could be described as an “insensitive blunder”.

Eric and Mylène have been married for almost 40 years and they have three children: Hugo (born in 1997), Thibault (born in 1998) and Clarisse (born in 2004). They are very discreet in the media, but they do not hesitate to support their father, as they did during his campaign.


Eric Zemmour and Sarah Knafo show such complicity that the nature of their relationship has been the subject of many questions. It’s true that she considers him her mentor, but is that all there is to remember?

Eric Zemmour and his advisor, Sarah Knafo. Ilde Source: Getty Images

Many journalists and Internet users have long suspected a romantic relationship between the polemicist and his adviser, but none of them had confirmed it. We therefore remained within the realm of assumptions until September 2021: the paparazzi managed to photograph them while bathing in the ocean and embracing each other.

On September 23, 2021, Paris Match published these cover photos so that the public could get the much sought after answer.

Sarah far from enjoying seeing their privacy revealed in this way, for she would never attract attention.

Faced with this publication, which sounded like proof of their romantic relationship, Eric Zemmour finally confessed to the facts.

In January 2022, he was on BFMTV, and he admitted this:

“Sarah Knafo is my collaborator, my companion. There would have been no campaign without Sarah Knafo”.

Eric Zemmour’s adviser and companion, Sarah Knafo. Ilde Source: Getty Images

Did they consult before this formalization of their idyll? Everything does not suggest. Moreover, this message would not have been to Sarah’s liking:

“On his reaction, we understood that it was not something they had decided in advance”,

said BFMTV journalists Léopold Audebert and Philippe Corbé.

In this media whirlwind and this confirmed romance, what about Mylène Chichportich, wife and mother of Eric Zemmour’s 3 children?

The lawyer was very affected by this situation. A friend of this couple confirmed it in the book “The intriguing Sarah Knafo” (published by Robert Laffont), co-written by François-Xavier Ménage and Ava Djamshidi:

“For his wife, it is also a great suffering for his children.”

However, this did not stop her from putting on a good face and attending meetings with the man who is still her husband:

“She wants to be the guardian of the family, describes an intimate in this book. Even if they no longer live together”,

we read in this book.

A few weeks ago, there were rumors that Sarah was pregnant and she sadly lost the baby to an abortion. His cinemas provided more specific details:

“She told very few of her loved ones about her mother’s calls that she’s so close to.”

Eric Zemmour and his adviser Sarah Knafo arrive to visit an open-air market while campaigning in the 4th constituency of the Var constituency in Le Luc, south-eastern France, on 27 May 2022 ahead of the parliamentary elections on 12 and 19 June . in France. Source: Getty Images

Her mother, who was worried about her, would have asked her:

“Sarah, if you were pregnant, would you have told me that?”.

For her part, Sarah Knafo goes on to deny this pregnancy and this abortion attributed to her.

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