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Carré rouge is a group of comedians from Lyon who created Casse du Rire, a founding evening event for stand-up in Lyon. After a forced pause in connection with covid, the collective returns with another edition. On this occasion, LyonBondyBlog met Kacem de la Fontaine to understand the challenges of this second show.

Kacem de la Fontaine is a humorist from Lyon who has worked on countless open stages and shows, in his hometown and all over France. Hoping to get a comedy club, he did not hesitate to stay crammed into an apartment with 4 friends and experience the “Paris dream”. He then returned to the City of Light with the aim of founding his own team of comedians, made in 69. Originally from the Terraillon district of Bron, he remembers with his friend LAZ, from Carré Rouge: “ it was a small square place where we used to hang out when we were little This is how he christened his collective, with which he produced his first two shows: “Le Casse du rire” and “Le Casse du rire”. Basic experiences of the revival of Lyon stand-up, which gives this Friday the 10th June Casse du Rire 2 on the Transbordeur.

Humor for everyone, everyone for a project

The collective’s first show, presented by Hermann, Kacem and Laz, the event’s producer trio, takes place at Espace Albert Camus in Bron. ” laz is a comedian who has made time in prison. He fell for robbery for 10 years and now that he’s put away he’s uninhibited by what we’re trying to laugh at. Le Casse had to make an extra number “, The comedian told about the show. Kacem in particular parodies his couple and Lyon’s urban world, while Hermann in turn mocks the Javanese expressions of “Lyon rats” (understanding people from the various suburbs of Lyon with identifiable profiles). Their colleague Yanisse Kebbab, animator at Générations Lyon, is the band’s imitator. As for Lara Vigote, she uses a more piquant humor.

In addition to a true team spirit, the band works around shows according to who they are. The first two took place in their town of Bron, the third at Transbordeur. But the covid has been there, and has totally transformed the cultural landscape: “ For the first laugh break, we had a capacity of 500 seats, and we filled it. There are even people who returned without a seat who had to sit on the ground or on the stairs. The other is Smile Break, an associative event in collaboration with Les Enfants Brulés, for which we raised 3,000 euros. We were supposed to go straight to laughter break 2 on Transbordeur, but covid did not allow us. “.

Youth events

Undaunted, the group took to social networks like Instagram, Facebook and even Twitch for a while via the Gambetta TV team. Live two nights a week, the crew tries to bring small humorous shows to life, just to live. Kacem, a comedian from Lyon who had to resume work in parallel with his life as an artist, knows that this Casse du Rire 2 will bring another. Better, he’s already working on it: ” We are already thinking about the next show. This is normal and we have no pressure on it. The work is before, when we go on stage, it only becomes kiff “.

The collective of comedians created the shows “Le Casse du rire” from scratch, without subsidies or assistance. A mentality rooted in each of the comedians’ morals: ” We are not accompanied, no grants, because we decided to do things ourselves. We could have asked questions, gotten in touch with people … But I’ll leave that for later, where I could open my own Comedy Club, because I’m looking for premises. I’ve been thinking about it for 7 years “.

The fans of Jamel Debbouze are also an example of work and entrepreneurship. He does not forget to highlight the new generation of comedians from Lyon: “She boosts us to go faster. Yacine Rharbaoui, Sofiane from the Barber family, Lucas, Mamba. There are a lot of little ones who are hot, who start organizing things, hills. They understood what stand-up is. We just made fun. on stage, they will organize scenes “.

“We brought together a team of Avengers of humor”

As the comedians begin to convey their next show, a slogan emerges “uncensored humor, sensitive souls abstain”. With the name Casse du Rire, we understand that the robbery is secured. The universe specific to Lyonnais evoked in the show is underlined by Kacem: ” In Lyon, we have a different mentality. When we went to Paris with our team, we all were shocked. Kader Aoun, the director of the Jamel Comedy Club, gave us the nickname “The Lyon Gang”: Hermann, Yanisse Kebbab, Nassim Mellah and me. We assembled a team of Avengers of humor “.

This humor, very oriented about Lyonnais and especially young people from the neighborhood problems, gradually finds its audience. Pronunciation and uninhibited appearance are the reason: ” We like to be free and to be able to do what we want on stage. Humor is complicated because it depends on how you look physically, where you come from. There are things that will pass more easily in the mouth of Blanche Curtain than Hermann. In Lyon, we are closer to the American stand-up “.

Kacem embodies this Lyonnais archetype, especially on social networks (like Redouane Bougheraba, the southern archetype) and feels the city is giving it back to him. He is proud of that: that’s what I’m trying to promote. For 3 months I have been putting my finger on something. On Instagram, I saw people from Marseille and Paris writing to me to support me. They love our backward Lyon mentality. It’s so cool “.


The rest of this evening on June 10 is transmission, sharing. ” I have taught for 3 years at the Grand Vire Social Center in Vaulx-en-Velin. These are kids who are between 13 and 15 years old, they want to do stand-up and we throw them out in the deep end in front of adults “. This precious help provides weapons to children who may be uninterested in the school system or who have not yet found a passion. For Kacem, this work is important, but the children must be involved:” They played the first two laughter breaks in front of 500 people with their own sketch. We help them with the staging, the rhythm “.

For him, the future of humor is in good shape: ” They are fungi, we can pass on a lot of things to them at their age. What makes me sad is that some have the talent, but they do not want to work on it. We want to show them that we can get out of the neighborhood, go to the museum, see different things. I do it for them too, because no one has done it for me. Except for Hermann and Nassim, who introduced me to improvisational theater. They did not allow me to let go “.

This desire to never let go, we can especially find during the show through the “sofa scene”, dear to Kacem, where the comedian, accompanied by LAZ and Hermann, in humor will rediscover a part of their lives. The appointment will take place on Friday 10 June.

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