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INTERVIEW. Three years after “Braquage”, French singer Marie-Flore unveils her new album, “I do not know if it’s okay”.

Three years later RobberyMarie-Flore is back with a new record, I do not know if it’s okay, released Friday, June 10th. A disc composed of twelve new songs to heal disappointed love portrayed in Robberyhis last album released in 2019. This new project “is different in terms of inspirations, I tried to open the prism a little more. At the same time I talk a lot more about myself, about my true self, about my vision of things, of relationships, but I also tackle themes that would not have inspired me before: my relationship with age, my relationship with the world, what I can leave as a legacy … “, ‘explains the’ artist.

This disc, Marie-Flore created it in the midst of a pandemic, after realizing she could not defend Robbery on stage due to the closure of the concert halls. “It took me a year after the start of Covid to realize that my old record would not come back, I had hoped that the theaters would reopen (…). Suddenly I began to put myself in a creative dynamic, to tell me that it was necessary to move on, “explains the singer. A question then arises:” How should I tell myself this time? “

To answer that, Marie-Flore withdrew with the “teams from Robbery“, in” a house in the south, twice two weeks. “” I had never worked like that! And in the end, it was fantastic, ”she emphasizes.

As for his inspirations for I do not know if it’s okay, Marie-Flore explains that she was also immersed in “personal experiences.” And to develop: “I’m someone who works like that, it’s both autobiographical or autofictional. There’s a lot of fantasies, things that I want to happen to me. It’s linked to my emotions, to the observation of People and their relationships with each other or with my relationships with me and with myself. “

I do not know if it’s okay, it is an album against the injection of happiness, the false preconditions that are often imposed in society. With sharp lyrics, sometimes melancholy, sometimes ironic, Marie-Flore cultivates her duality, with a pen “more focused on irony, the look I have on things. This record is calmer, less powerful”, emphasizes the singer, who concludes: “actually the main line that has moved (between the two albums) is me. I imagine it penetrates the songs.”

“I know there are happy sorrows and sad joys”, sings Marie-Flore in the single, I know it’s latelast single from the album I do not know if it’s okay, released Thursday, April 28, and accompanied by its clip, directed by Ben Berzerker. An introspective ballad that follows the dance Bad startreleased on May 17 and another taster of a new album is expected in stores next June.

“Basically, it had to be the opposite (Bad start should appear after I know it’s late), and then I wanted something moving. So now it Bad start come out, I want out of my dark side! “, confides smiling to us Marie-Flore. The song I know it’s late “talking about headwinds,” the artist comments. “I’m very restless, I have conflicting feelings, and I thought it was a beautiful picture to describe it. And it speaks to a somewhat fatalistic vision that I have of my relationship to happiness, which for me never lasts very long. . “

A melancholy title that follows a dancing song, here is all the ambivalence that the French singer puts down on paper in her new disc, the appropriate name I do not know if it’s okaycoming out in June, three years later Robbery.

We dance there on the question of the relationship to aging 20 yearswe have tears in our eyes That would favor mewe get up, violent, with If everto be ironic CDT (All assholes editor’s note). As the queen of lyrics and punchlines, Marie-Flore reinvents herself to offer one more pop record than the previous one.

Author, composer and performer, Marie-Flore was born in the late 1980s. Her first name she owes to the song by American Joan Baez. “My parents were big fans, and she has a song called Marie-Flore, which is about a little girl who lived in Arles in the south, whom she had met when she came to a concert in the south. C It is a super beautiful song, and they called me Marie-Flore as a tribute to this title, ”explains the singer.

In addition, the two Marie-Flore ended up meeting. Where ? “At a Joan Baez Concert”. Buckle closed. As a teenager, the future singer entered the conservatory, where she stayed for eight years. “It was not very easy, it was not a teaching I felt hatched in. However, it earned me a lot to develop my ear. I stayed there for eight years and I gave up,” recalls Marie-Flore, who once the conservatory behind her, begins to play the guitar, alone, “by refusing to have teachers.”

During her first year in college, she wrote a song and posted it on the MySpace platform. Discovered by a manager, she completes five other titles to present them to him. “That’s how it all started, and that’s how I told my parents I stopped my studies to start,” recalls Marie-Flore, who will first sing in English, then in French on the advice of a relative: “I wrote a first song in French for the joke and I liked it. I surprised myself by loving it and finding the same pleasure I had by writing in English. was a new playground. When writing in French, one can see that it resonates differently and then I had covered what I wanted to say in English.

So Marie-Flore sings in English and finds herself opening up to a world-famous rocker: Pete Doherty. “He’s great, you have to follow him, but he’s a very sensitive, very intelligent, gentle and above all talented person. I was impressed to see his charisma on stage. I was quite admiring to see how he touched “On a solo tour. The crowds just with a guitar and his voice. There are very few people who can do it, I think,” the Frenchman recalls.

The stage, Marie-Flore finds it on the occasion of the release of her new album, I do not know if it’s okay. After Printemps de Bourges, it can be seen at the botanical nights in Brussels, at the Francofolies de la Rochelle, but also in concert at La Cigale in Paris on 21 September 2022.

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