Children, accident, surgery, the secret of youth, man …

Chantal Goya celebrates her 80th birthday on June 10th. Cosmetic surgery, her misfortune, her children, her trick of Eternal Youth, her crazy encounter with her husband Jean-Jacques Debout … and everything you (maybe) did not know about the interpreter of “Pandi-panda”.

At 80, Chantal Goya still has the same energy. Age does not seem to hold on to the one who continues to get young and old to sing for more than 60 years with its enchanted nursery rhymes. The singer is also on the poster for the show The flying shoe WHO to be held in the Palais des Congrès from 8 to 9 October. Her childhood, her infatuation with Jean-Jacques Debout, the show that (almost) shattered her career, her secrets to staying in shape, her misfortune, her children… and everything you did not know!

Chantal Goya: her real last name

Chantal Goya was born on June 10, 1942 in Saigon, Indochina, to a Vosges farBertrand de Guerre and a mor beke, Colette Dartiguenave. In 1946, when little Chantal de Guerre (her real last name) was 4 years old, the family leaving French Indochina at the beginning of the conflict of independence. They settle down The Vosges.

Chantal Goya and Jean-Jacques Debout: love at first sight

Married to Jean-Jacques Debout since 1966, mother of two children from this relationship, Jean-Paul, born in 1966 and Clarisse, born in 1968, Chantal Goya returned to his meeting with him who has shared his life for almost 60 years.

In 1964, they are both invited to the wedding. This is where they see each other for the first time. “Him, he is not even dressed, he has a sailor shirt, he has blonde hair, completely crazy, he is sitting at the piano, he looks at everyone and he sees me“, she remembered on the show 50 ‘indein April 2022. That’s when the magic happens. Jean-Jacques Debout talks to Chantal Goya and entrusts her with an incredible prediction.

He approached and he said to me and it’s true: ‘I feel like I’ve always known you, we have to get married, we have two children, you become famous at the age of 30, and you have to sing at the Paris Opera“, reported the artist.Everything he said happened“, she concluded. A real adventure …

Chantal Goya, noted by Godard

Chantal Goya began his career with extra work at Studios de Boulogne. While Jean-Jacques Debout was composing songs for her, the budding young artist appeared on television to make herself known. A profitable strategy since Jean-Luc Godard noticed her and offered her a role in his movie Man Woman, published in 1966. Chantal Goya then provided the answer to, among others, Marlène Jobert and Brigitte Bardot. A flying start!

Chantal Goya, mother of two children (and star of all children)

So the artist became pregnant in 1966. From his love for Jean-Jacques, Debout is born Jean Paul and Clarissewho was born in 1968. Then, in the mid-1970s, Chantal Goya became fast child star as we know it today, adored for her songs that have become cults, her good humor and her dynamics.

Chantal Goya: the show that changed everything

But Chantal Goya’s career took a sad turn in December 1985. While she was invited to the show The game of truth, by Patrick Sabatier, called a viewer and complained to the singer. She judges her songs “sedative“. The irritation is felt in the interpreter by Pandi-Pandawho assumes a relaxed air and begins to sing Rabbit Jeannot. “Listen, my little lady, we can not speak because we do not understand each other“, she had concluded. An attitude which is very much rejected at that time … and which hastens a crossing of the desert.

“A few weeks earlier I had said all the bad things I thought about this show. They would make me pay for it. Faced with this aggression, I sought refuge in my character Marie-Rose. It was there that I got up to slap Sabatiershe assured JDD. Fortunately, Chantal Goya’s career was revived in 1993 when she signed a distribution contract with AB Disques, Dorothées record company.

Chantal Goya, homeless? The truth

In 2020, several media outlets claim that the singer and her husband, Jean-Jacques Debout, are homeless. “It makes no sense. Some newspapers wrote that I was under the bridges. my money problems, it makes no sense. This offends those who are really in need!”The singer lamented Tele-Fritid.

The artist has admittedly left her home in Paris’ 9th arrondissement due to the rent price and the health crisis, but she is far from homeless, as rumors led us to believe.

Chantal Goya, without a wrinkle: her youthfulness

Time has passed and Chantal Goya has now joined the eight-year-old club! The singer is always in shape and has a few tricks to keep her momentum. “You still need to know that I do not drink, I do not smoke and sleep very well.. I believe it it’s still a good secretsomething that is rooted in me. ” she explained to Nikos Aliagas, in 50 ‘inde.

The interpreter of Snipe, which has retained the function of function appearance of her onset but has not needed cosmetic surgery. “Face it, I did nothing. Sometimes I think, ‘I might be able to fix something, but what will they do to me? I will not find myself again. So we do not. Ultimately, it is a joy of life I have in me, a good mood, something very positive to be seen on me. “ she confessed.

Chantal Goya: her accident

In 2021, however, Chantal Goya went through the box “hospitalization” After one sharp fall on the street. “I do my rehabilitation on my own, I turn my wrist from right to left and then I drive so I work with my wrist on the steering wheel“, She had then confided in Tele-Fritid. The singer finally recovered from her feelings and her injury.

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