dicto-forms, stupid boxes, butt salad … Three lovely albums!

Crazy travel under the sea, musical fresco or absurd pieces of life, comics for all young readers vary. From 6 years.

“Welcome to Kokoloa”

“Welcome to Kokoloa”, by Pauline Pinson, Ivan Rabbiosi and Dewi Noiry.

Oath. Actes Sud Junior BD

Do not know Kokoloa? So grab your mask and snorkel, and come and experience a small underwater village, populated by mermaids (girls and boys). Children record their memories of dictoforms and play squid, an exciting sport. And dream of getting to know people better, who from time to time observe them in a batyscafe. Moreover, the fashionable animal is currently in Kokoloa … the pigeon! Held in an air bubble, of course!

Here is an album that has neither tail (fish) nor head, but which suddenly refreshes the youth comic, especially in the category of albums for very young readers, often shy. With well-constructed comic situations, a simple and compelling story of friendship and above all discoveries in scenery and accessories, this little album with its minimalist design and bright colors is likely to trigger a lot of laughter!

r By Pauline Pinson, Ivan Rabbiosi and Dewi Noiry. Actes Sud Junior BD, 40 pp., € 13.50. From 6 years.

“Life dances”

“Les vies dansent”, by Dominique Zay, Damien Cuvillier and Anne-Claire Giraudet.

“Les vies dansent”, by Dominique Zay, Damien Cuvillier and Anne-Claire Giraudet.

Editions de la Gouttière

In France, Louna practices the transverse flute with passion. Lonely, the little red-haired mind wanders in the vortices of classical music or in the movement of the ballet corps, always out of step with his comrades, but with a smile. Far away, in Africa, Satou lives in an orphanage and dreams of dancing on stage. Could the fate of these two young girls be connected?

Inspired by 7e Symphony by Beethoven, screenwriter Dominique Zay embroiders a quiet story with an impeccably articulated, very touching double narrative. If it does not avoid a few ordinary places (the narrative without text sometimes requires familiar references), the album rises quite quickly, thanks to the energy and softness of the drawing by Damien Cuvillier and the colors of Anne-Claire Giraudet, carrying a beautiful humanistic message.

The absence of text makes this volume very accessible, but the small complexity in terms of the distance between the heroines and the final twist can destabilize the youngest at first reading. But definitely, a second should clear it all up. A little gimmick, but not uninteresting bonus: a QR code takes you to the web to listen to Beethoven’s composition performed by the Orchester de Picardie and watch the BD concert show created for the occasion.

q By Dominique Zay, Damien Cuvillier and Anne-Claire Giraudet. Editions de la Gouttière, 48 pp., € 11.70. From 7 years.

“Brioche and Tartine”

“Brioche et Tartine”, by Violette Vaïsse.

Oath. The joy of reading

To the left the greedy and red Tartine who loves carrot cake and wears glasses at the museum because it is important to look smart there. To the right, the orange Brioche has not quite understood framing pictures, and likes to put olive oil or cake batter on his face to make others laugh. Brioche and Tartine are two dogs, inseparable, love to share a good meal, watch TV, make jokes. And talk, contradict yourself, play on words and invent all sorts of nonsense!

Over sketches on one side, this irresistible duo connects good words and comic situations, in a deliberately absurd spirit that makes them immediately captivating. This book by Violette Vaïsse, with its sober and elastic design, should be placed alongside Barnabé Bear and Tulipe, even though it plays the schoolboy’s humor card more than the quirky philosophy. This is also why it is easily accessible to first-time readers who will not resist the salad of prouts or the magic drink that makes you sick!

q By Violette Vaïsse. The joy of reading, 38 p., € 12.90. From 6 years.

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