last stop before the NBA?

The Pôle France season ended a few weeks ago and we are therefore starting to know where its candidates will develop next season: some are going to Strasbourg, others to Vichy-Clermont, and for Rayan Rupert, the team’s best player this season in National 1, the NBA dream goes through the decision to join the Australian League and the New Zealand Breakers.

The Pôle France team, which plays in Nationale 1 – the third French division – has just had a historic season with fourteen victories … in 40 matches. it’s not much, but it’s about kids under 18 playing against Darons, so give them some respect. This fine result is mainly due to the team’s top scorer this season: Rayan Rupert. Number 12, thanks to his 13.9 points, 3.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists on average during the season, carried the team in the league and during tournaments next generation by EuroLeague. They also won Varese to qualify for the final tournament in Belgrade, where they were able to meet the youngsters from Real Madrid and Maccabi Tel Aviv. The Federal Center – for old school fans – is improving in performance over the years, the prospects are getting clear early and that can be seen in the game. Rayan Rupert, often compared to Mikal Bridges for his huge stature (2m10!) And his defensive talents, does not dream of playing in the Betclic Elite, but in the NBA. For this, the winger, who has just turned 18, has to wait another year before he is eligible for the Draft. While he was waiting, Rayan therefore decided to join the Australian National Basketball League. Woj announced it yesterday, position 3 joining the New Zealand Breakers. From INSEP Poland to Oceania, the project is a copy-paste by Ousmane Diengs a year earlier, a project that has more than borne fruit.

For Ruperts, basketball is above all a family affair. First of all, there was Father Thierry, former captain of the French team, who especially played in the EuroLeague with Élan Béarnais de Pau. Unfortunately, in 2012, doctors discovered a heart problem that required a heart transplant, and after being thrown into a coma, Titi will die a year later. He was only 35 years old. The eldest of the family, Iliana, then picked up the torch in 2017 by winning the European U16 Championship and she was even selected for the MVP. Since then, his track record has only grown, and as a 20-year-old he is already longer than an arm. This season alone 2021-22, Ili was selected as the MVP for the Women’s Basketball League, became champion in France and won with Bourges women’s C2, EuroCup Women. Add to that three medals with the French team, including a bronze at the Tokyo Games and a French Cup in 2019, and it ranks you within … which is increasingly becoming the team’s future in feminine France. Before joining Virtus of Bologna and her very beautiful project next season, where she has just signed, Iliana will take a small detour at the WNBA. The 12th election of the WNBA Draft 2021 will take place very soon Becky Hammons Las Vegas Aces. Her little brother therefore dreams of America just like her. Rayan, projected in the first round of 2023 Draft by ESPN, has chosen to join the NBL, which in recent years has established itself as a real development opportunity for prospects around the world. From LaMelo Ball to Hugo Besson via RJ Hampton and Josh Giddey, “Next star program“Australian seduces in the same way as G League Ignite in the United States. This guarantees exposure, supervision while you are an employee. Regal no?

With the World Cup for women taking place in late September, the brother, who is already in place in Oceania, will have no problem watching his sister’s matches. In any case, Titi Rupert can be proud of her two children, the two will live out their American dream with his number 12 on his back.

Source text: ESPN

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