More than 600 children will attend the big mini-hand festival this Sunday in Sarreguemines

This Sunday at Coubertin Stadium in Sarreguemines there will be the big 2022 stadium, it’s a big mini handball party, it will be the 26th edition.

Sound N ° 1 – More than 600 children will take part in the big mini-hand festival this Sunday in Sarreguemines

Gilles Boutiali, Federal Technical Adviser to the Handball Committee 57

Can you explain the event to us?

It’s an event that we organize every year, well over three years have passed because of covid.

The event will bring together 670 children who will take part in mini-hand games on the grass pitches. It starts at 10.00 to 15.30.

How is that going to happen?

It will happen as follows, the children will be gathered in the stands, and they will attend meetings by category on each court, and when the colors of the jerseys and jingles are called, they all enter the court and they must play. Matches; 3 players plus 1 goalkeeper.

It is true that it will be huge, as there will be several matches at the same time.

That’s it, absolutely. We have planned 21 courses and simultaneous matches on each course.

14-minute matches, 10 matches for each team. Why this mini-hand festival, what are the goals?

It is already to promote our activity, especially the mini hand, the other goal is also to develop the handball on the Moselle as it is quite bad in terms of handball.

And it’s also to reward all the kids who have participated in different sets throughout the season; we reward them with a big finals tournament in the open air at a big football stadium, where it really is the big party, we call it the big mini hand party.

So 670 kids is roughly how many teams clubs will be represented and where do these clubs come from?

The clubs come from the whole department, this year we welcome a club from Meuse and a German club which participates in the meeting. And we have a total of about 101 teams that will be present.

Handball is not only handball, as there is also this Moselle handball status, what is it exactly?

It is a stand where we have to make the young people aware of citizenship, we have to get them to participate in various workshops on behavior, attitudes on the field, on the stands to find out what they think about it. Also make them aware of respect for referees, respect for the opponent, respect for partners. And then small stands where they will shoot in perforated tarpaulins, participate in a shooting range.

We can say that the Moselle is a handball country, especially thanks to Metz handball. We have especially seen the successful women’s season, but does it help the department develop handball?

Yes, Metz is really the flagship club for us, but it’s also the French flagship club, so that helps, of course. And as such, the department also helps a lot in the development of handball, also thanks to these results that the Messina team has. But we must also not forget that in men’s handball there is the Sarrebourg team, which is in the second division now and which is also participating in this momentum.

Has handball been able to recover from this health crisis? How is handball in general after Covid?

Let’s say handball is doing pretty well. Unlike some disciplines, we did not suffer too much. But we were able to keep in touch with our young graduates by offering them an activity where they could train outdoors under Covid. We never let go, and I also think that’s why we were not overly influenced by Covid.

As a reminder: 44 clubs, 6,500 licensees.

See you on Sunday 12 June at the Pierre de Coubertin Stadium, the tournament starts at 10, open to the public, catering on site.

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