NasDas, the digital Robin Hood in a poor district of Perpignan

NasDas, the influencer with about four million subscribers to Snapchat, delights the networks by filming life in his poor neighborhood in Perpignan, where he looks like a big brother distributing money and gifts that his celebrity has brought in.

“I think people were tired of watching influencers show off their wealth on the networks (…) luxury cars, luxury clothes. Me, there is none of that!”, Emphasizes NasDas, whose real name is Nasser Sari.

Every day, this 26-year-old guy, in shorts and sneakers, finds his “team” of friends on Place Cassanyes, the heart of Saint-Jacques, a gypsy district with a large North African community.

His stories show a “second weekday, in a different, poor neighborhood”, “where children smoke instead of going to school”, but “very lively”. “A gypsy can play guitar on the street at 4am and the neighbors come down to dance. No one calls the police.” “That’s why people hung out!”

The afternoon is well underway, he shows up and sips a cup of coffee, greets around, inquires about one’s health, another’s unemployment, promises a cell phone, invites for a drink.

– Snapper “chiness” –

Inseparable from his gang, he roams the streets with colorful buildings, but sometimes so cracked that they are supported by beams.

Far from the children look at him. “Come on, let’s run! The first one has 20 euros”, he throws howling funny at them and waves a ticket. “Can’t you put on clothes?” he shouts at a woman in a neglected outfit.

“We are a family, we live together. In France there are not many neighborhoods of that kind”, assesses NasDas and explains without further details that his avatar is the “shortcut” to his first names Nasser and Das Algerische (l ‘Algerian in German ).

Born on June 3, 1996 in Saint-Jacques, he lost his father, a native of the Sahara, at a young age. His mother, a worker in a “salad factory” in bags, raised his five children alone.

“I also worked at the factory and elsewhere before all that,” he says. The adventure began in 2018 with “a stupid video where I beat a friend for fun. It made my twenty friends laugh. So I continued (…) to snatch my daily life (…) the bitch (female of life dog)) in the neighborhood “.

NasDas is paid to promote brands, companies. “In revenue for 2021, we exceeded 500,000 euros.” He could keep everything, spin the good life in Dubai.

“But my neighborhood is my life. If I go, it’s the end!”

– Mayor or garbage man? –

“Once I had paid the taxes, the VAT, I decided to redistribute (…) privately and by about fifty associations (…) We are at 300 / 400,000 euros”, he adds, proud that “more than 4,000 people eat every day “. One of his few personal folly is a large 4×4, but in a limo version to accommodate his “team”.

Nora Ben Ali slips in between fans who love selfies and dedications to thank him. “I needed housing, and Nasser gave me 1,000 euros (…) He does it all the time, not only for necessities, but also for leisure,” this mother of four explains.

Further ahead, he signs the T-shirt of Florian Dumontier, 17, who came from Rouen “to see NasDas because it’s impressive what he does”.

The success of The Influencer, which was aimed at a Netflix series and a comedy, also seduced rappers Soolking, Algérino and Mazz, 25, proudly recording a clip with this “good guy” who “helps people”.

Saint-Jacques’ “Complaints Office” at City Hall National Rally (RN), NasDas plays mockery when residents push him against politics.

“Basically, we are dolls. We’re just filming each other. We did not know it could interest millions of people!”, He laughs. But “everything I have to do to help the neighborhood, I will do it. If I am to be mayor, I will be mayor. If I am to be a garbage man, I will be a garbage man!”

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