Aurillac-Toulouse Finale: Ruben Maka, the Cantal Diamond Shining Under the Red and Black Colors

This is one of the big stories in this dream final between Aurillac and Toulouse. On Sunday, in Michelin, Cantal will be doubly represented. With Rouge et Bleu, of course, and with Ruben Maka at Rouge et Noir.

Because Toulouse number 9, 18 years old since February and boss behind his scrum, is first and foremost a pure product of the Cantal training that grills all stages to win in his dream club.

“Good blood can not lie,” they say. In Ruben’s case, the predispositions to play rugby were obvious, for the son of Gaby Maka, a former Aurillac player, and whose mother also wore the jersey.

A child above the rest from an early age

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Ruben also wore it, after doing his entire first career in Saint-Simon, where his father had ended his career. “At the age of 4 he was not yet allowed to play, but he wanted so badly to go that I took him. He already loved rugby, ”says Gaby, as proud as he is of his eldest dazzling career.

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“Every year he was upgraded. As soon as he played against children his age, he was asked to walk slowly so as not to hurt others. Together with my wife, we made the decision to put him in Aurillac so he could play against children. like him.But as soon as he arrived at the Stadium he was upgraded again.They saw that for his age he was over.

Gaby Maka, (Former Aurillac player and father of Ruben)

At Saint-Simon, Aurillac or in the department committee, Ruben shines. And no one escapes. “I have family at Stade Toulousain: the Tolofua family, Peato Mauvaka … We often eat together. And of course the kids play rugby. We make touches, little fights between us. My cousins ​​saw that Reuben had something. They offered me to do a test with Toulouse. With my wife, we were more in Clermont-Ferrand because it was closer to us, his father says.

10 minutes out of time sending Stade Aurillacois to the Espoirs final against Toulouse

“I have my opinion, I want to play in Toulouse”

Ruben’s talent had not escaped from ASM, who regularly made footsteps. “When we asked Ruben, he said, ‘I’ve always dreamed of Toulouse. Yes, Clermont is closer, but you think of yourself. I have my opinion and I want to play in Toulouse. I want the biggest club. in Europe ”?! Gaby Maka remembers grinning.

The test takes place and Ruben only needed one morning to convince. “He was supposed to do individual technique in the morning and fight in the afternoon, but in the morning Toulouse said ‘We take it ?!'”.

He then imposed himself from his inception, with a title as champion of French cadets 2019 against Brive, and on the lawn of Figeac, where his father played. And this season, he knocked on the door of Hopes while he was still Crabos.

Saint-Simon, the rugby cradle of the Maka brothers

Like Ruben, the Maka couple’s two other children have followed the family path. Currently in U14 at Saint-Simon, but with a double license with Stade Aurillacois, Aaron should play with the Aurillacois cadets next season. The youngest, Eli, plays with U12 in Saint-Simon.

“Again this year they upgraded him, from November he trained with Espoirs, but when he was 17 he could not play. One day he came into play, he proved he had the level and he took everyone’s place. What was also evident during the match between Toulouse and Aurillac at Ernest-Wallon (45-17), in the spring, when Ruben was everywhere, proof that this dazzling journey may be just the beginning.

A royal road that contrasts with his father’s course

This course contrasts with that, more twisted, of his father paving the way, just as he had paved the way for other Aurillacois.

“I had brought cousins ​​with me, like Albert Valentin, Latuka Maituku, Berny Tokotuu or Vito Manukula. I knew they had a chance to play for Espoirs in Toulouse, Toulouse said no. But I never thought my child would play there. When the Stadium calls you, it’s normal for mom and dad to be proud.

Even arrived on the French mainland at La Seyne-sur-Mer, anonymous and young in the 1990s, with no knowledge of how French rugby works.

“In the Quarter with the Stade Aurillacois”, immersive documentary with ASM hopes of winning in a historic derby

“At La Seyne I had a coach, Manu Diaz, who made me switch to Toulon. In the reserve team there was Mignoni and company. When I saw that everyone was paid except me, I said ‘There is a problem’. Manu Diaz told me it was normal, they did not know me, I had to prove myself, “the former striker remembers.

After two months, a cousin of mine – sadly deceased – Yvon Vili (Tani’s father), said to me: “Why not do a test in Brive” ?? I was a kid, with a lot of competition, Moscato and all. Laurent Seigne already had his team. I said to myself: “I will find a club where I will return to New Caledonia”

“And Yvon suggested that I come to Saint-Céré. They found me a job, a place to live. After 6 months I played against Saint-Cernin. I saw the snow and I said to myself ‘I will never set foot here again, is it forbidden ?! laughs Gaby.

A meteorological trick with the supply air

Until one day a certain … Alain Belguiral called him to do a test. “I asked where Aurillac was. In Cantal ?? Oh no, I do not go ?! And Alain said to me:” you will see, it is less cold there than in Saint-Cernin “. I arrived in May. The weather was nice, I said to myself, a little silly, it’s spot on. And the first winter… olala? !!! “.

This little meteorological trick was a foresight. With two visits to Aurillac for Gaby, who settled there permanently, met his wife there and is now entirely Cantalien.

Christian Millette confirms possession of Aurillac-Toulouse at Michelin and reassures game with FFR

Aurillac is at home. For us, his mother and me, this final is something. In addition, I saw Espoirs du Stade play, they are really strong and you can feel the touch of “Belgui”. What they achieve, it does not come from nothing, with his staff they do a remarkable job ”.

On Sunday, the Maka parents are going to Michelin. They also sounded a reminder that the family settled around Clermont to support Ruben. But for the old forward “it will be 50-50”. “The truth is the field. May the best win. That’s all.”

Text and photos: Jean-Paul Cohade

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