The West Corniche of Dakar has been one of the most attractive corners of the Senegalese capital for several months. The green areas, the playgrounds, the beautiful public benches and the decoration of the maritime facade carried out within the framework of the development project of this space started not so long ago, have transformed this part of the Atlantic Ocean. It is now the focal point for people of all ages and nationalities.

Seen from afar, the West Corniche makes you want to discover. Pictures of decorating have been circulating on social media. Once we are there, we are amazed at the beauty of the facilities and playgrounds that are visible everywhere. An enchanting frame extends over several meters. Pedestrians, hikers and people in search of escape are invading the esplanade at the Porte du Millénaire. We walk between the coconut palms. We jump on the carpets under the gaze of other people who make themselves comfortable on the public benches, their gaze directed towards the sea. Shrubs grow from the once dry soils.

On part of this landscape is a pedestrian area decorated with small steps in multicolored paint. Here it is possible to sit, stand or just stroll. A beautiful place to go. A white lady arrives at the playground dedicated to children. She points her camera towards the sea, takes a few pictures and continues her way. It is certainly a place that is already arousing curiosity, even among foreigners. Lansana Traoré is a resident of the Dakar Plateau. He came to have his heart clear on the echoes which reached him on the new face of this cornice. “People kept singing about the beauty of the development on the Corniche. That’s why I came to discover them,” he confides. not to say in Senegal.In fact, along the developed part, on the side of the sea, swings are the attraction of children.They are three, four or even more to want to take advantage of the moments of balance.That’s why it happens often, that children are fighting for a ride, forcing Abdoulaye Lippy Samb, head of the Hse (Health-Safety-Environment) company, to intervene by restoring order.Considering the presence of these children who love these moments of distraction, and especially to prevent children from becoming addicted to a time-consuming activity, access to these swings is certainly free and free, but well organized. ”From Friday to Saturday, the swings are dedicated to children from 5pm to midnight. the useful life is reduced because children are only allowed to b incubate them from kl.

Children find their account

Sometimes it is a father who helps his child use the swing. This is the case with Abdoulaye Traoré. Slightly leaning over his son, already installed on the swing, he gently pushes to the rope to avoid bothering him. This family man is doing everything he can to help his son benefit from it. He finds the idea that led to the decoration of this cornice brilliant. “This place is really beautiful, everyone can come here to enjoy moments of relaxation. In the houses there is not enough space for the children to play. During this period of warmth I can come with my whole family. And I know that “Once the lights are on at night, we can even come as a family and smell the fresh air. That’s what these remote neighborhoods were missing,” said Abdoulaye Traoré. Not far away, Fatou Kane, a pregnant woman, keeps an eye on her children, who playing around a swing. She is so much the happier because her children had no place to play before this opportunity presented itself. She sees the playground as a blessing for households that are in the area and even elsewhere. “To say truth, then I find myself in this initiative which led to this development on the corniche. I just suggest that you take safety very seriously, because it is our children who come to play, and sometimes they hide to come, ”she says. A concern to which Abdoulaye Lippy Samb responds: “This police station, as you can see, is there to ensure the security of the premises. We can not imagine such a framework that is not subject to substantial security,” he said. Green areas, leisure areas, the playground for children are made to give Dakar, the Senegalese capital a brighter face, explains Abdoulaye Lippy Samb. With a smile on her face, the children greatly appreciate visiting this playground, among them is Mohamed Sy. Twelve-year-old kid from Niaye Thioker District has completed a first series of 50 weights, which gave him a lot of pleasure. “I really like this place because not only do we have fun, but we also breathe fresh air,” he says. Same story with little Ibrahima Diallo. “From now on, when I have time, I will come here and play to my heart,” he said.

A dike to contain the waves

The playground overlooks Corniche Ouest Beach. So much so that from the top of this area we first notice that the seafront is littered with ornamental plants. These plant species give a simply magnificent picture to this place. You must take the stairs built as part of the project to reach the bank. On either side of the stairs you can see either Touba coffee vendors or classic coffee vendors. They are all surrounded by customers who are in a hurry to be serviced to find the bank as quickly as possible. Even the stairs find some animation, and the waltz of the walkers provides more information about the popular enthusiasm aroused by the development of this cornice. Now that we are at the bottom of the stairs, we find the beach. A T-shaped rampart, one hundred meters long and 75 meters wide, is made from the coast. Abdoulaye Lippy Samb states that it is to limit the waves that this dike was erected. He is so impressed with the enchanting nature of this corniche and the beach that he thinks will not be free forever. “I am convinced that at the end of the project, this part of Dakar will be one of the most pleasant places to visit in Africa. I am also convinced that when this moment occurs, access to this beach will be for a fee. , “Predicts Aliou Keïta. Standing at the entrance to the dike, Aliou Keïta chats with Lansana Traoré, whom we met earlier. He came to visit this area, which is beginning to become known. On the other side of the dike we can see a sandy part Young people quietly indulge in football. In front of this mini sandy football field, a child bathes while playing in the water under the eyes of a lot of spectators. On the other hand, another group of young people also play football. Only they are obliged to from time to time. to second to interrupt the fight during the invasion of the waves, which at intervals encounter due to the shore.

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