Inform parents, entertain children … The city of Saint-Amand-Montrond organizes its first family day

“For two years, with the health crisis, parents no longer had the opportunity to visit our structures. Access was limited by sanitary measures. We wanted to remedy all that,” emphasizes Valérie Soudry, director of the family department in the town of Saint-Amand-Montrond.

Understand the needs of parents

Tomorrow early, from kl. 9.30 to 12.30, the Departments Families and Toddlers arrange a family day in the Vernet district. “We want to open our structures to families to make our public services known and highlight the work of our colleagues,” adds Valérie Soudry.
On the site of the Family Department, visitors will be able to find information about leisure centers, after-school reception, traffic education center and school catering. “The two school canteens present at the Buissonnets and Mallard schools,” sums up Valérie Soudry. Families never come. They will be able to see where their children are eating. »

Initiatives in favor of ecology in Saint-Amand-Montrond

The toddler ward will house the nursery and orphanage with drop-in day care. “This will be the way for us to present the different childcare methods to parents,” explains Gaëlle Berthomier, head of this department. Group care, with drop-in day care and multi-care, or individual care, with day care and home care. »

An inventory will be made

Three hours of pilgrimage on the program therefore, in the same place, rue Victor-Hugo, “so that parents can walk from within”, with the presence of workshops and activities for children (read the activity program below). “During this time, parents will be able to register their children for the start of the school year and pre-register for school transport”, Valérie Soudry assures.

And from this day on, the organizing departments intend to take stock: “It was time to allow parents to reclaim our structures,” says Gaëlle Berthomier. We want to know their needs and preferences. From these times we will see if our services are customized. If we do not realize this statement, we will not be able to guess these needs. »
And maybe make this family day an event that will last over time …


Childhood home. Speech wall to gather families’ questions and expectations, in order to create a welcome guide.
The toddler relay. Exhibition of children’s books and photos Kibouj.
Parents and children workshop and “Family lessons”. Presentation and exhibition of photos at the places visited during the workshops.
Workshop for parents: “Your hand in mine”. Presentation of the implemented themes and initiatives.
Mediation. Simulator for childcare costs.
Vernet day care. Children’s books and photo exhibitions; sensory journey.
Christmas crib by Dr. Jacques Barry. Children’s books and photo exhibitions; tactile tracks in kindergarten.
Multi-welcome Douce-Chaume. Exhibition Enfantilivres and photos in the nursery; tactile traces from the back, from the early childhood center to the nursery.
Multi-welcome Les Gabignons, from Marçais. Snozelen area; Photo exhibitions; Montessori rum; presentation of association management.
MICADO travel toy library. Board games for the little ones, building games; large wooden games. Musical awakening workshop. Two sessions, from 11.00 to 11.30 and from 11.45 to 12.15.
Inflatable. Free access.
Leisure Center. Visit.
Extra school reception. Presentation.
School catering. Exhibition of pictures and menus. One-stop-shop. Presentation.
Mobility tracks at the municipal traffic training center. Presentation.
School transport. Simulation of evacuation of a school bus and pre-registration for the start of the school year.
Family wards. Inflatable structures; games made by the kids at the leisure center; balloon sculpture.
The area of ​​frequently asked questions. in the family department.

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