Montpelier. 800 children at FDI Stadium for “Grand Défi Vivez Bougez”

800 children met last Friday in Montpellier at the FDI Stadium to celebrate the practice of the sport (© GM / Metropolitan)

Since 2013 has CIM and its partners (see list) encourage children to do sport. This year more than 21,000 children from 6 to 11 years from 157 primary schools from Languedoc-Roussillon participated in the project Grand Challenge Live Move (GDVB), which encourages daily physical activity.

A month of sports in school

Specifically, the kids were there for a month opildnet on practice an activity ordinary physical in school and / or leisure activities, but also in the family: they noted in ” Small notebook Live Move “distributed by ICM all their daily physical activities to earn” energy cubes (15 minutes of continuous physical activity is equivalent to an “energy cube”), where the goal is to gather most !

“At first we did not know if everyone could do an activity every day, but we managed to win dice”

Roman, 11 years old

The basis for this initiative, an observation made by health professionals: in France today almost 30% of children engage in 1 hour of physical activity a day, which corresponds to the current recommendations … Hence this initiative from Grand Défi Vivez Bougez to provide children taste for sports.

Children have participated in 150 events to promote physical activity (hiking, relays, sports challenges, etc.) in recent weeks

Challenges and a good show

At the end of this month with physical challenges, the organizers arranged a raffle among the classes that have collected the most energy cubes. Thus, 800 children were invited this Friday, June 10, to spend an extraordinary day at FDI Stadium, MHB’s cave. On the menu: giant zumba, relay races, shows.

The kids enjoyed the giant zumba,
The kids enjoyed the giant zumba, “even though zumba is still speed” (© GM / Metropolitan)

The kids were also pampered with a great show at the Palais des Sports, especially with basketball players-acrobats jumping on springboards to slam huge dunks. The feats of these flying athletes raised the stands. All this before the most anticipated moment of this “Grand Reward Day”: the MHB showdown.

“I want to see the handball players: I’ve never seen them before. They look super tall”

Celia, 10 years old

For 10-year-old Roman from Montpellier, this day is unexpected: “We did not know at the beginning if everyone could do an activity every day, but we managed to win dice”. No need to ask him if he liked Zumba class, his inflamed cheeks speak to him: “Yes, it’s super physical, but I did not follow all the movements (laughs). But it’s okay: I had fun. »

Célia comes from the POs and enjoys herself in this magnificent Palais des Sports. She followed the steps of the zumba quite well, she thinks, but experiences, “that it was still speed. I’m waiting for the sporting challenges later, I want to beat some boys … And then I want to see the handball players: I’ve never seen them before. They look super big. “

Videos: currently on Actu

Late in the afternoon, the children left with stars in their eyes after watching the handball in demonstration. What will hopefully convince them to continue to engage in regular physical activity to raise … the French average.

“Grand Défi Vivez Bougez”: an event and partners
La Grande Reward is a festive and friendly event organized by Epidaure, ICM’s Prevention Department, Montpellier Academy, Occitanie Regional Health Agency, Academic Region Directorate for Youth, Commitment and Sports Occitanie, in collaboration with Montpellier City Hall, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, Montpellier Handball Hérault Sport, the department committee of the Hérault Cancer League, Paul Valéry Montpellier 3 University, SIRIC Montpellier Cancer and the Occitanie Handball League.

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