With his new exhibition on illustrations from comics, Métairie Bruyère wants to get out of his bubble

After last year’s design, make way for comic book illustrations and picture books. The summer exhibition of the Métairie Bruyère “We bubble not?!” will be offering more than 100 unique works or works in very limited edition from July 2 to September 25, 2022. Known for its take on contemporary creation and the printed image, the graphic arts center presents the creations as “at the intersection of disciplines, between contemporary art, comics and illustrated books”.

Nine artists worked on this exhibition of lithographs or copper engravings: Nicolas de Crécy, Kitty Crowther, Clément Vuillier, Roxane Lumeret, Yann Kebbi, Jochen Gerner, Fanny Michaëlis, Ludovic Debeurme and Julie Safirstein. “We wanted to break with the 2021 edition on design, which mainly appealed to a specialized audience,” explains Myriam Lézier, responsible for the public within the association Aux quatre vents de l’art. As in 2019 with street art, the theme is aimed at the general public, including families with children for lovers of comics and pencil drawings. We really immerse ourselves in the worlds of each artist.”

In 2019 the theme was street art (file photo)

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‘The association wants to democratize access to art’

Atypical because spread over eight typical farms of Puisaye, the site focuses on accessibility, through this choice of flagship exhibition, but also through numerous actions. With its workshops and presses from the 19th and 20th centuries, the place of creation aims to convey this energy and this passion. “We are not a museum, because everything is functional and used,” adds Myriam Lézier. We have a real historical heritage and our authenticity comes from welcoming artists in residence, but also schoolchildren or individuals, adults and children, for internships. The association really wants to democratize access to art.”

We have the impression that we are better known in Paris than in the department. The inhabitants, unfortunately, do not doubt the existence of such a place.

Accessibility is an important issue, he says. Simple free visits, by-products to pick up in the shop at affordable prices, reception of thousands of school children all year round, demonstrations of the printing machines, the initiatives are many. “We would like to attract more Icaunais in general, she says. Almost 70% of the visitors come from the Paris region. It is undoubtedly an elite side of the art world, because we have the impression that we are better known in Paris than in the department. Unfortunately, the residents do not suspect the existence of such a place.”

The graphic arts center also welcomes schoolchildren, artists in residence, as well as interns in art schools – Photo Delphine Toujas

Internships to practice

However, since the Covid-19 epidemic, the handcrafted and artisanal techniques of artistic creation have regained interest. La Métairie Bruyère inevitably experienced a decline in the number of visitors in 2020, but very quickly regained its audience the following year. “We have regular customers who come back every year to see what’s new,” emphasizes Myriam Lézier. The hardest part is getting visitors for the first time.”

[En coulisses] At the Métairie Bruyère graphics center in Parly

“We have very different things, she continues. Some come for the artistic side, but others for the techniques with the old machines to make lithographs or typography. Everyone finds their account. They can then come back for an internship to do something themselves. It’s always a pleasure to pass on.”

Excercise. The exhibition “We don’t bubble?!” is visible from July 2 to September 25, 2022, from Wednesday to Sunday (from 2 pm to 7 pm). Prices for guided tours: from 4 to 7 euros. Reservations on

Delphine Toujas

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