Cameroon becomes the world’s major attraction due to Samuel Eto’o Fils.

Following the CAN 2023 qualifier between Cameroon and Burundi, current Fecafoot president Samuel Eto’o Fils showed the true face that has driven him since taking office. Dictatorship suitable for all heroic men. In my memories, almost 45 years of watching Cameroonian football, I had never heard a minister, a president of Fecafoot, a captain of the national team or even a big star make such a statement against the indomitable lions. It seems that the players during this match did not put all their talent at the service of the game’s cohesion.

An outrageously condescending speech, with a strong autocratic tendency. What we first notice is the firmness of tone and contempt for his foal that he addresses as children. “I tell you”, in other words: “I warn you, beware”. With this statement, Eto’o made it clear that the men’s national football team is his personal concern.

From now on it is he who weaves the game, the string, he is the powerful one, and he is the one who rules. It is he who has the trademark. Do your job. In other words, “you must now play as I see it. This young man has erased all the leaders and is recording the news at all levels.

I know two former sports ministers who would not have left all this power to him. Their personality, which helped with Fecafoot status in support, would have allowed the young leader to reformulate. Fecafoot’s status regulates the various functions in it, the self-criticism session in which he participated is not mandatory because it is not up to him to publicly judge the quality of the game the coach has planned. . But son Etoo does not care. he always said that.

Applause for Eto’o, who is ready to die for his country. Here is a patriot like so many others. Otherwise, I would have been asked the same question, are you ready to die for your country? My answer springs. I love my country Cameroon and I am proud of it, I would never have been happy if I were not Cameroonian, but if the causes I am fighting for in my writings could be resolved after my departure, I could do it, but experience teaches us the opposite, Cameroon will not change soon, I prefer to live. I prefer to live to continue the fight. Many who died are forgotten on the 7th day. Who does not love his country, but at least we recognize those who built it after their death.

But let’s say thank you to Eto’o who wants to die for Cameroon. Really, thank you. What a passion for his country! They are not many who can have this magnanimity, only Douala Manga Bell had it. This one word makes Etoo an all-time national hero. The most important Cameroonian ever.

He advances on the stairs of notoriety and popularity for the rest of his career, the whole press this day has talked about it. He has a huge heart and does not hesitate. He’s a football player at heart, a tough guy. It lacks a little, that kind of character in our country. Etoo is aiming for something he has plans for and everyone will one day know it; it is not the players who will block in this way. In his hearts, an ambition remains secret, we read it. It is not bad if the man has ambitions, he has repeatedly proven his abilities. But ambition can drive people crazy when you do not know your limits.

Eto’o wants to make another great career after his departure from the stadiums. He sincerely revealed for the first time his worries, his worries, but also his transient fascination and his ambitions. It is also for him to pierce the abscess. He has not yet received all the bugs and cold showers in this house called Fecafoot.

He knows the minds of star-studded players. He was himself. Milla always said that. This boy is unruly. But we have to admit that when he was a player, we saw his determination in the stadium.

It is known by all, Eto’o loves his country, and he proves it by his actions. Let’s go back to these strong times, Eto’o said: “I am ready to give my life”, here are again the words of power in the worlds of mysteries, in other words: “I am the master of ceremonies; May everyone be ready to give their lives with me. ” This World Cup will be the first theater for operations like those that took place at Calvary two thousand years ago.

Oh that poor thing! When I know that before him, people gave their lives so that this land could only obtain them after humiliations and forgetfulness.

Eto’o wants to bring his country to the firmament, this dream, he caresses it for a long time, he tried when he was a player, he showed signs of a assertive personality, a man attached to victories and who wants to expand this horizon. But his only problem is the lack of culture, which does not allow him to express himself properly about his feelings. He is a man who has become aware of Cameroon’s potential. He knows the problems with his country’s football, and he knows his country, to be successful you have to be a dictator. Dictators always achieve the first epics before collapsing into nothingness.

During a football match, several factors can make a match gloomy:

-There is the mediocrity of the opponent. If the opponent is unfit for good play, even though we are a good team, we will not be able to put in all our talent, because it is in front of mediocre teams that we can get injured.

– the public, the public participates and encourages the players to demonstrate their skill in the stadium; if it is absent, the game is latent.

– The approach to a major competition is pushing players to be careful not to get injured because the competition has been very strong since this qualification for the World Cup in 2022.

– The pressure from the authorities can pressure a player to do poorly, because Etoo’s attitude is a signal to our future opponents. They also came to win.

When you have a master in front of you who sets an example like Eto’o, you are necessarily happy to learn. But one day, if our star starts to get bad, people will end up rejecting him with his knowledge, his victories and his riches. The first wave of this dislocation begins after the World Cup. He must know that. Leaders also like him, that’s not what is missing. It is not love that is lacking in this country.

After his intervention, all players were knocked out, including the other members of the technical staff.

Etoo has beliefs dictated by the heart, but his heart is no bigger than Cameroon. He wanders for a moment and in this state of short-lived wandering he comes with clumsy and exaggerated statements. Clearly, he wants to stifle some current stars on the team. He does not want anyone to talk about a star on the team except himself.

Let someone tell us something that I have been following these days in the mouths of the uneducated in the 18th century, let us know one thing, it is the image of Cameroon that is in front of the stage, it is a dying management system. Clumsy words uttered by the best of the Cameroonians reflect on everyone. It’s an elegant way to talk hard without hurting people’s feelings and getting good results. Eto’o has not learned to handle men and he confuses everything. There are many who want to go and often the best. In a poorly managed team, the best always leave. The stars are full of pride, this is not how we speak to those who serve the nation with dignity. It is not because there are many players that we have to offend those who are there. Let him be polite if he wants to be an example.

After Eto’o’s speech, I went to listen to the comments on “Tendonnerie”, the very popular restaurant in Château-Rouge. The comments that never end, for days. They have only one word in their mouths, Eto’o’s intervention in front of his teammates in Dar es salam. 8 out of 10 people found this intervention positive.

For the first trend that enjoyed our star, they think this country needs people like Etoo son. This trend means that the country needs to move when the points are tapped on the table. I have sometimes stuck to this view. For the less emotional, she believes the statements from Etoo’s son are full of inconsistencies because football is a sport like any other and there are days when the best are in bad shape. Football is the daily form, which can have a late maturity. We must not push players in front of a bad team to commit suicide. Etoo even on the national team has had time to mature. we gave it a try and we let it evolve year after year until its peak.

Power, as I have said many times, is a strange thing. When you hold it, if you are not ready, it can make you mad, pessimistic or optimistic, or all three. We saw that with Moussa Dadis Camara, the former Guinean president. Even the wise Albert Roger Milla had never made such remarks with such violence. We remember that Milla had asked Etoo son in 2010 to play for the national team as he plays in European clubs. Roger’s tone had goals.

That day, Eto’o Fils only needed a chicotte to flatten all the players, as Father Jackson did at Jackson Five, to make them better. “I want to give my life, he says for my country”, Cameroon becomes his center of interest, which takes care of the aspect of Greek tragedies, “we are going to die, that each one gives his life, Etoo knows the psychology of the players, he know when a player does not put in. He came to fight gangrene that was within the football family in Cameroon.If he succeeds, he will reach very far.

Eto’o speaks as if throwing a stone. When we listen to him, we feel that he wants to restore a dynamic that created his own person. He does not want mediocrity and for Etoo there will be no performance and there is no boss on this team he is the boss. He is president, coach, captain. Eto’o’s speech leaves you cold, though it remains a promise of excellence.

But we are also sure of one thing, I insist that Etoo will remove the heads he does not like from this team. He seems to have players they do not like, but he can not do anything yet because these players still have popular membership. He says many times, no one is sure of his place. He prepares the opinion. It will not be long before there will be two camps in the lions as at present in the African and world public. The Cameroonian team for a few days has become a global affair.

That’s what makes these people magic. We will conclude that in this house called Fecafoot, the demons cast out of heaven still live there. Times will be very difficult for Fecafoot, led by Eto’o son. He will renew the mistakes. Eto’o was a football genius, and like any genius, he will one day go astray. But let it be, it’s the beloved son.

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