An Ardéchoise at the top of video games

Marine Martinelli is one of those Ardéchois who has led fate far from their native land. Because Marine lives in Montreal today and most importantly… she’s living her dream.

She doesn’t like to talk about herself, to put herself in the foreground. However, Marine Martinelli’s career deserves a spotlight. “I tell myself that other people can try something too, that it can inspire people”, she justifies almost apologetically. Here is the journey of a 31-year-old graphic designer from the Ardèche, who managed to take her destiny into her own hands and chart her path until she realized her dream.

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A few weeks ago we reported on the very daring journey of Astrid Moulin, the blogger of the Ardèche from Toronto (see Hebdo de l’Ardèche of April 28). Like Astrid, Marine is Ardéchoise; like Astrid, Marine is from La Voulte-sur-Rhône; Like Astrid, Marine builds her life 6,000 km from her native Ardèche, as she now lives in Montreal. Chance? Not really, “It was a little Astrid, whom I know well, who made me want to go to Canada”, says the young woman. It is therefore, if we were to be convinced, that the journey of some can inspire that of others.

Schoolgirl in La Voulte, then high schooler at Privas, Marine, way past her time, is a kid bathed in pop culture, a geek trend. “I have always been passionate about digital games and video games. Working in this industry has always been a dream for me.” The Ardéchoise will follow a higher art education in Montpelier. A deep-seated passion that, she doesn’t know at this point, will guide her life.

Two years in Canada

With her master’s in hand, specializing in video games (well!), Marine doesn’t feel armed enough for professional life. She then left for an internship in graphic design in Brussels, where she specialized in web interface design. Finally, she will stay in Belgium for three years to polish her CV. With this experience abroad and struggling to find a job in her industry, Marine remembers that other Ardéchoise, Astrid Moulin, who tried her luck across the Atlantic. She therefore applied for a PVT (Working Holiday Permit) for Canada and arrived here in Montreal in June 2017. “I wanted to get away from it all, and Canada was perfect, mainly because my English wasn’t great.” With no ambitions other than to gain experience, this two-year residency in the great metropolis of Quebec is a wonderful opportunity for her. “When I arrived I had an interview every three days and barely two weeks after arriving I was hired by a web agency, while I couldn’t find anything in Europe.” She will spend a year and a half developing websites, which interests her no more than that “I wanted to change.”

At Ubisoft

Passionate about video games, especially the Nintendo universe, ‘I played a lot when I was a teenager’, it is in this sector that Marine logically tries its luck. She saw herself starting with a small independent studio, taking her classes, learning the trade and trying her luck with a bigger structure. But no one is bound by her career plan and, on the guts, she is a candidate at Ubisoft. Not really a small independent structure, as it is one of the largest companies in the world in the video game industry, with franchises such as: Rayman, Raving Rabbids, Far Cry… The profile of Marine is interesting for the studio (French), and for three and a half years she has been a graphic designer for Assassin’s Creed, one of the biggest video game successes of recent years. “It’s a dream come true.” Now a permanent resident of Canada, the Ardéchoise is considering citizenship. Inspirational, right?

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