Bertrand Chameroy (C to you) as a couple? The secret behind his love life was finally revealed!

Bertrand Chameroy joined the France Télévisions group in 2020. He is a columnist for two programs hosted by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. IN C for youin France 5, and in 6 at home, on France 2. And we have to believe he likes it because we find him there with a smile. Those who follow Bertrand Chameroy’s adventures on television know that this columnist is a hell of a joker. He never misses an opportunity to make the public smile, no matter the topic. His humor is no longer present and his fans know that his best sequences are to be found on YouTube.

But today, it’s a topic that affects his privacy Object want to talk to you. Because, as stated in the columns of our colleagues in the magazine Purepeople, Bertrand Chameroy is not single. To find out who he shares his life with, we suggest you watch more of his favorite “bromances” before rediscovering an explicit interview.

Bertrand Chameroy is in love, he does not hide it

The columnist of C for you is not someone who brags about his privacy on social media. Our colleagues at Purepeople emphasize this detail to draw a parallel with Camille Combal. He also has wind in his sails on television and is not the type to talk about his private life. And above all, Bertrand Chameroy and he are both former columnists of Cyril Hanouna. On the set of Do not touch My TVon C8, they both had their humorous notes, which made them popular.

But it must still be emphasized, even if it means making the chronicler off C for you, that Camille Combal has become one of the star hosts on TF1. That being said, you do not have to be a “star” to thrive. And all indications are that Bertrand Chameroy will spend some wonderful moments on the set of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. He is especially very close to one of his colleagues, the journalist Mohamed Bouhafsi. Both then make fun of their relationship by talking about “bromance”. And this detail on Instagram obviously made a lot of ink flow. Object do not hide from you that some internet users have imagined that it was for Mohamed Bouhafsi that Bertrand Chameroy’s heart was pounding.

But it was not. As interviews of the main interested party testify to a different reality. That said, it does not stop him from continuing to play on such ambiguities. Especially when he paints the portrait of Samuel Etienne and talks about him as his obsession. Or when he makes a sketch in which he stages himself by writing a love letter to a famous TV news host.

There is love in the air, it is undeniable!

“The courier from the heart is waiting” pas said Bertrand Chameroy, throwing a stuffed pigeon into the air to which he had hung a letter. Mail intended for Julian Bugier, presenter of JT of France 2. All to make a montage between his chronicle on the set of C for you and the passage of the JT, where a pigeon had invited itself on the set.

Yes, Object will not surprise you by telling you that Bertrand Chameroy’s fans might have thought he was attracted to men. But we have to believe that the columnist is still in a relationship with a woman. And even for a long time! As early as 2016, he dismissed rumors saying he was in a relationship with Erika Moulet. “No, it’s not her. I’ve had a boyfriend for several years and it’s been the same since the beginning. (…) No, I’m not a heart to take. I’m in a relationship with a woman, which I love very much. ”had then said in the columns of Star TV.

And later, in June 2021, it was in the columns of Release that it was possible to read his detailed portrait. Portrait in which it was stated that Bertrand Chameroy lived in a seemingly Parisian with his wife. It was also clarified that his wife also worked in the media world. But impossible to get more information about the columnist’s privacy C for you. He is in a relationship with a woman they have been married and in love with for a long time. That’s all we can notice about his privacy.

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