Binance and TripleA join forces on crypto payment solution

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, works with Singapore-based TripleA as the latest cryptocurrency payment port for Binance Pay. With TripleA, sellers can accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron and more with easy setup and instant confirmation. This means that retailers do not have to worry about price fluctuations or rebates and can get their money in their local currency.

The two companies have joined forces to bring cryptocurrency-advanced financial technology to market. Binance Pay is a contactless, limitless and secure payment solution for companies that want to support cryptocurrency payments. The service is available through exchanges, including Binance DEX (the decentralized trading platform), Binance’s desktop app and the web with a Chrome extension.

This partnership will give merchants access to the Binance ecosystem and its 5 million daily active users. The payment system builds a bridge between the stock exchange and the retail world. The service allows customers to purchase products using their favorite cryptocurrencies from any physical store around the world.



We will no longer be thrilled to announce TripleA as a strategic payment partner. This fulfills Binance Pay’s mission to provide businesses and consumers with a contactless, limitless, secure cryptocurrency payment experience.

Package Close, Regional Business Development Manager, Binance Pay.

TripleA sees a strong demand from companies to offer cryptocurrencies, which is of course driven by their consumers. We are pleased to work with Binance Pay and Novelship to meet this growing market need.

Eric Barbier, CEO and Founder of TripleA.

Binance payment

Binance Pay is part of a number of initiatives from the main exchange. The service will lead to more authorized use of cryptocurrency in all aspects of life. The exchange wants to be a hub for everything that crypto has, so it is important that the exchange can handle payments for everyone, everywhere.

The vision for the exchange is to build a bridge between traders and cryptocurrencies. With the rapid introduction of cryptocurrencies among retailers worldwide, Binance Pay will enable more merchants to accept more digital assets in a secure environment, increasing the reach and use of digital device spending.

Prosperous crypto payment services

Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies are experiencing high demand from traders and investors. Recent partnerships between leading companies and platforms indicate increased confidence in the crypto market. This in turn can help support Bitcoin’s progress.

Public payment platforms that use crypto are spreading as traders and crypto companies look for ways to convert fiat to bitcoin (BTC). Recently, Mastercard announced a partnership with Latin American e-commerce firm Mercado Libre to improve the security and transparency of its crypto program in Brazil. Mastercard provides educational resources and information about its crypto program to Brazilian merchants.

Stripe and OpenNode have also developed a new app that will allow business owners on the Stripe platform to accept BTC payments without the need for an intermediary. This type of partnership is likely to gain ground in the future as blockchain technology improves. But so far, this is only an option for Stripe customers who can take advantage of OpenNode’s service and trade directly with their customers.

As the blockchain payment industry grows, it is important to ensure that cryptocurrency payments are easy and convenient for merchants and consumers. Therefore, Oslo Børs has entered into a partnership with TripleA to create an online payment solution that simplifies the process of sending and receiving cryptocurrency payments.

Binance is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and has a massive user base. It offers various cryptocurrencies, a partnership with leading companies and generally attracts a large number of users. Furthermore, the company has a good reputation as a safe, transparent and credible company.

Although at first glance it looks like many other exchanges, it has gained good partnerships and embedded a large audience in the industry due to its unique fee structure, which discourages trading with lots of small movements. The exchange offers support for more than 50 coins.

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