Norway’s Martha Louise remarries Hollywood star ‘guru’

We mentioned two weeks ago the 20th anniversary of the wedding between Princess Martha Louise of Norway, daughter of King Harald (first cousin of King Albert II) with the Norwegian author Ari Behn, who was then a literary star in fashion. A union that ended in divorce in 2017 after the birth of three daughters and the suicide of Ari Behn, who suffered from severe depression for many years, at Christmas 2019.

Since May 2019, the princess had publicly shown her new romantic relationship with Durek Verett, three years younger than her. Born in Sacramento in 1974, his father is of Haitian origin and his mother is Indian and Norwegian. He has been practicing shamanism since his teens and claims to be the 12th generation of his family in this field.

He gradually became the “guru” for Hollywood stars, including actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Antonio Banderas. His relationship with the Norwegian king’s daughter puts him all the more in the forefront in the media. Norwegian authorities meet him quickly and support their daughter, while the media and public opinion go berserk.

Durek Verrett is accused of taking advantage of this new princely fame to develop his business. There is also no shortage of racist remarks that make the princess react very virulent. Press articles are raining down on the sentimental spiral in which the princess would have fallen, who would no longer have control over her decisions, completely controlled by her shaman companion.

The health crisis separates the lovers: Martha Louise with her daughters in Norway and Durek Verrett in his residence in Los Angeles. There is no shortage of messages of love from both sides to ensure that their relationship is even stronger because of this forced separation.

The princess and her companion also post photos showing Maud Angelica, Leah Isadorah and Emma Tallulah Behn, her three daughters, having adopted Durek Verrett. The princess also evokes the possibility of settling in California.

The couple still creates controversy on various occasions with very intimate statements about their sexuality and during paying conferences where the princess’ presence undeniably attracts the public. Martha Louise from Norway had previously in Oslo with a friend opened an “angel school”, where spirituality and positive energies were taught. This had given him many insults, but the establishment was still full.

The princess does not receive a bourgeois list and therefore develops her own professional activities. Earlier this year, Durek Verrett had confirmed that the couple were planning to get married. He intended to propose to the princess at the end of this year’s celebrations in 2019, but her ex-husband Ari Behn’s suicide had thwarted the original plans.

It is now the Royal Court of Norway that has very officially announced the 50-year-old princess’ engagement to the shaman. King Harald, Queen Sonja, Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette Marit express their devotion and the most sincere wishes for happiness to future spouses. The Norwegian royal family is a very close-knit family, there is no doubt that the prospect of a new life as a couple for Martha Louise is supported by her family.

The fiancés who have been in Los Angeles for the past few days have immediately released a picture of those embracing. The princess proudly displays an emerald from Brazil and diamonds as an engagement ring. It was created by American jeweler Joy Sangalang Smith and required no less than six months of work.

Durek Verrett participated closely in the various stages of the development of the jewel, which has many symbols. The 3.5 carat Brazilian emerald is set with 19 diamonds, 4 larger representing the four elements earth, water, air and fire. 12 diamonds form a halo that symbolizes protection from negative waves from the outside world, and the last three diamonds are an allusion to the princess’ three daughters.

The place, date and nature of the ceremony are not specified at present.

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