8 communication tips to steal from married couples

Life after marriage can quickly become repetitive: we talk about work, the kids, the evening meal, shopping, we have to do … We often end up forgetting to talk about our couples, and we avoid important conversations about our relationship and the intimacy between our couples likes quickly. Everyday life becomes routine and the whims of life replace the magic of the beginning.

The reason why you decided to stay with this person forever is often the easiest thing to lose. The schedule becomes a constraint, the kids and work are at the center of your worries and you will no longer find time to communicate. Women often complain that men do not communicate enough when they seem to regret the same thing: men are also looking for a connection that is genuine and deep. So how to secure keep communication active in a relationship without losing the couple’s magic? Here are 8 tips to steal from married couples!

Be honest about your desires

If you want your partner to talk or listen to you more, it’s important to tell your boyfriend. ONE healthy communication is based on reciprocity: you need to know how to communicate about your needs. Women who complain that their husbands are not talking to them enough will often want him to listen more. And above all, really listen.

Create security

If you feel comfortable with your partner, then it is possible to share everything. L ‘lack of communication is often a sign of fear: do not use your partner’s words against him, otherwise communication and trust will be broken. Love and cherish your partner, even if you do not always agree!

Accept your differences

We can jokingly say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but if we do not accept our differences and learn from them, then we are just wasting an opportunity to move on together. Men and women not only have different desires but also different needs: Women need more empathy, while men demand more respect. These differences can affect their ways of communicating: women would rather need to ask and maintain eye contact during a conversation when men prefer to talk while doing something else: gardening, fishing, walking, etc. The important thing is to identify your partner’s love language for better to understand it and then speak it.

Really listen

Listen, it can be learned. You need to know how to spot the information that will get you to know your partner better. If you’re just waiting for your partner to finish talking to say what you have to say, you’re not really listening. Learn to listen without judging, sympathetic. Do not speak just to fill in the blanks. Even encouraging words can interrupt your partner’s confessions, so learn to listen! If your partner is vulnerable, treat them with care.

Ask open-ended questions

Closed questions will only secure you a “yes” or “no” answer. Ask open-ended questions that ensure a real discussion and allow your partner to open up about their feelings. You will be able to see what he really wants to share and how much he is ready to confide in.

Timing is everything

Choose the good moment to start a conversation. Asking heavy or complicated questions when you are both tired is unlikely to give you the answer you want.

Do not try to read your partner’s thoughts

Your partner do not read your mind, and neither do you. So expecting each other to anticipate your needs and understand your feelings without communication is the best way to nip your relationship in the bud. You can not blame your partner for something they did not know because they should have known. It’s the best way to make everyone angry with each other for stupid reasons.

Be the partner you want to have

If you want your partner to show you love, respect and communicate more with you, then you have to have the same behavior towards him. If you behave in a certain way, there is a good chance that your partner picks up on your attitude and thus shows himself as respectful, communicative, etc. against you. You can not control others, but you can lead by example. By making communication your priority, there is a good chance that it will also be your partner!

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