8 must-watch crypto nuggets for 2022

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8 must-watch crypto nuggets for 2022

What cryptocurrencies should you definitely see in the coming weeks and months? This article will be devoted to a few nuggets of gold, which must be seen at all costs because of their enormous potential.

Wax (Worldwide Asset eXchange)

Wax is an organic Blockchain that specializes in NFTs, video games and collectibles. Its special character is that it promotes labeled NFTs. We can e.g. mention: SAW, ATARI, ROBOTECH, Street Fighter, CAPCOM, etc. In fact, several well-known brands have decided to market their NFTs via Blockchain Wax. However, you do not necessarily have to buy NFTs. You can invest directly in the platform’s native token. That’s what’s great about Wax cryptocurrencies. Better yet, Blockchain Wax works at no gas cost. Which means you do not have to pay transaction fees. This project has great potential.


The ECOMI cryptocurrency is dependent on the VEVE platform, which is a competitor to Blockchain Wax. VEVE is only available on mobile and allows you to buy NFTs from major brands. VEVE has entered into partnerships with Marvel, DC Direct, Tokidoki, Jurassic Park, Superman, Spiderman, etc. You are not required to purchase the NFTs offered by the Platform. On the other hand, you can invest in the project by purchasing the token that drives the platform, ECOMI (OMI) cryptocurrency.

Theta Drop

Theta Drop is a complete network with a cryptocurrency in the center and a Blockchain. This platform is very interesting and works on NFTs, metavers and video games. The purpose of this platform is to sign agreements with stars. In particular, they signed an agreement with the World Poker Tour (WPT), the largest poker competition in the world. Theta Drop has entered into partnerships with the biggest poker players, and the concept is to create NFTs, to create universes to make airdrops. In the last few weeks, this platform is climbing a lot because several influencers are talking about Theta Drop on social networks. Theta cryptocurrency has incredible potential.


Tezos is a French Blockchain, which is very interesting for several reasons. This platform has significant competitive advantages and has been around for several years now. In addition, Tezos has improved security and an energy-efficient algorithm. There are many developers working on the concept. In addition, Tezos cryptocurrency has a system of smart contracts within its Blockchain. Which means that with this Blockchain we can create decentralized economy, we can create NFTs. Tezos Blockchain is intuitive and scalable. It therefore has enormous potential.

Decentraland (Mana)

Decentraland is a metaverse, a world between the virtual and the real, which allows you to buy pieces of land to do what you want there. It’s similar to a video game, but it’s also a place where there are realtors. There is definitely an economy that is being created. Decentraland is about having fun and doing a lot of good things. Buying a property on Decentraland today is extremely expensive. Conversely, you can invest in the project by purchasing the platform token. As of this writing, Decentraland is below 78 cents and is ranked 75thsoul space on Coinmarketcap.


This is a French project. It’s the same concept as Decentraland, but the design is different. You can buy plots, design 3D things, etc. The famous American rapper Snoop Dog has an impressive mansion in this metaverse. To attend the first concert that the rapper plans to give, you must purchase a ticket. The artist has promised to offer exclusive NFTs to the first people who will be present during his concerts. If you do not want to invest in NFTs or plots that are in this metaverse, you can buy the native token on this platform (Sand). As this article goes into print, Sand is ranked # 116soul at Coinmarketcap and costs 75 øre. This project has great potential.


The Gala cryptocurrency also has a bright future. In fact, Gala Games is a video game studio that has launched a lot of things in recent weeks. Gala therefore rightly experiences a meteoric rise. Some team members have previously launched video games that have had great success on Facebook. They are currently investing in the development of games on Blockchain. The icing on the cake is that they are developing Galaverse, which is a metaverse dedicated to Gala Games games. The concept of Gala Games is to launch video games to create NFTs, metavers, in short a real economy around video games. Many players are more and more interested in this project. If you fail to invest in NFTs or video games, you can buy the Platform Token (Gala).

Star Atlas Universe

This project has enormous potential, but it is important to do your own research before doing anything. This applies to all the above mentioned cryptocurrencies. The goal of the Star Atlas Universe is to create an intergalactic war in a metaverse. You can, if you wish, invest in the platform token.

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