Cartoon Forum includes ‘The Tern’, ‘Phil & Sophia’, ‘Zoey Oceans’

“The Tern”, “Phil & Sophia” and “Nino Dino” from France, as well as “Zoey Oceans” from Spain, “Happy not Lucky” from Poland, “Natu Natu” from Ireland and “Karma” from Romania top the list packed with 84 numbers. -up anime TV projects to launch at Cartoon Forum 2022.

It takes place in Toulouse in the south of France from 19 to 22 September.

“The Tern” is a 10-hour half-hour episode of Parisian family entertainment company Cyber ​​Group Studios. Directed by Slimane Aniss, it tells the tales of a fleet of giant airships that endlessly travel a ruined Earth, following the flight paths around the planet of a particular bird, the tern.

For preschoolers, “Phil & Sophia” is written by Martine Gasparov. The story is produced by the French company Xilam (“Oggy and the Cockroaches”) and follows two alleged brothers whose daily problems often give rise to heated debate.

Directed by Aurélie Raphaël and Jeanne-Sylvatte Giraud, “Nino Dino” is produced by the French company Folivari (“Ernest and Célestine”). The 52-episode show features a comic adventure for older preschoolers (ages 5-7) who follow young dinosaurs as they explore their world.

A barometer of current and evolving trends in European animation, the French event will feature projects involving 19 countries as main producers. Cartoon Forum 2022 projects have a total budget of approximately 379.3 million euros ($ 405.8 million). The average budget for TV series broadcast there is $ 4.8 million.

“Zoey Oceans”, a project recently awarded by Netflix and Mianima (Spanish Women’s Lobby for Animation), is produced by the Spanish studio Kimchi and written by Anna Espinach. The fairy tale comedy centers on a 9-year-old girl who built an amphibious vehicle to look for her father lost at sea. Their only traces are the 2,000 rubber ducks that were on board the ship and have now appeared in the most diverse places in the world, from the Gobi Desert to the Coral Sea.

The Polish animation company Letko will present the 11-minute children’s series ‘Happy not Lucky’ in 52 episodes, a fairy tale comedy about two self-proclaimed detective boys: the black sheep Lu and the black cat Teo, who is always on the hunt for a new case. despite his many setbacks.

In the adult animation, produced by Romanian author Anca Damian (“Starseed”) on her Separate Film imprint, “Karma” is a six-episode, 13-minute show that follows Marty, an 11-year-old boy who is soldier of Karma and must punish people for their mistakes with a magical toy that leads to tragic consequences. With the help of a new friend, he rebels against his threatening schoolteacher.

Credit: Cartoon Forum

Other well-known production companies showing their latest comic book shows include the Irish Cartoon Saloon (“Natu Natu”), French Laïdak Films (“Round and Round the Wish Well”, a sequel to “Mum is Pouring Rain”) and TeamTO (“Next”) Level: Odyssey ”) and German Cloud Links (“ Tiger and Bear ”).

With regard to the target group, 21 projects (25%) are aimed at preschool children, 43 titles (51.2%) are aimed at older children, four (4.8%) for teenagers, six (7.1%) for the public family and ten (11.9%) for adults

The cost of production for animation per minute is $ 13,780, which is a slight increase from 2021 ($ 12,720), according to the organization’s statistics.

France is the most present at the Cartoon Forum with 38 titles. They are followed by Ireland and Spain with 8 projects each, Germany (7), Italy (5), Poland (3) and Belgium and Denmark with two projects each. Austria, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Serbia and Sweden each have a project.

On the co-production side, the program has partners from 27 countries. In addition to the 19 countries listed as main producers, Canada, Chile, Japan, Peru, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Uruguay and the United States also produce. Of the total list of 85 titles, 35 projects (42%) are co-productions, with Germany, Belgium and France being the most active co-producers in Europe.

The budgets for four projects exceed $ 10 million, they have budgets between $ 8 and $ 10 million, $ 16 between $ 6 and $ 8 million, $ 19 between $ 4 and $ 6 million. 14 revenues between 2 and 4 million dollars. 21 projects have budgets of less than $ 2 million.

2D animation is the most widely used technique used in 57% of projects. Projects that use 3D represent 24% of the entire package compared to 20% in 2020. Projects that combine 2D and 3D techniques represent 15% of the schedule.

Credit: Cartoon Forum



“A day with the dogs”, Dandeloo (France)

“BeddyByes”, JAM Media (Ireland)

“Delù from the Jungle”, Animoka Studios (Italy), Nalu Animation (France)

“Doopydoo”, Wiggleywoo (Ireland)

“Gouti’s Great Journey”, among the Lucioles films (France)

“Lemon and berries”, Likaon, GS Animation (Poland)

“Little Whale”, Paper Panther Productions (Ireland)

“Max”, submarine (Holland)

“Mogu & Perol”, Zephyr Animation (France), Dwarf (Japan)

“My brother is a T-Rez”, Mr Klaus Animation Studio (Spain), Lusco Fusco Animation (Portugal)

“Natu Natu”, Cartoon Saloon (Ireland)

“Nino Dino”, Folivari (France)

“Phil & Sophia”, Xilam Animation (France)

“Polka dot Zebra”, Sygnatia (Spain) Bro Cinema (Portugal)

“Sleepy’s Dream Team”, Bigchild Entertainment, Freebird Pictures (Germany)

“Tiger and Bear”, Cloud Linker, Janosch Film & Media (Germany)

“TinkerBen and Motor”, Metaxilasis (Serbia)

“Trotro & Zaza”, Ellipsanime Productions (France)

“Vanja’s world”, Fabian & Fred (Germany)

“Welcome to Permacity”, Millimages (France)

“Wild Danish”, Zebra Animation Studios (Denmark) Belga Productions (Belgium) Metropolitan (Norway)


“Anuki”, Sas Folimage (France)

“Aquaworld”, Les Films de l’Arlequin, PL Films (France)

“Bertie’s Brainwaves”, Infecto (Spain), Flickerpix (UK)

“Best friends forever … stranded!” », Peekaboo Animation (Spain)

“BFF”, Art Shot (Lithuania), GS Animation (Poland)

“Biguden”, Apaches, Cosmic Production, Mr Loyal (France)

“Billie & the Rockets”, Caribara Production (France)

“Relax, Zeus!”, Arx Animation Studio (Austria), Die Film (Germany)

“Cocobanana”, Den Siste Skilling (Norway), Knudsen Pictures (Germany)

“Dino Fino”, German film partners (Germany)

“Frnck”, Superprod (France)

“Giggle Wiggle”, Badi Badi, Beat Shop Marek Domański (Poland)

“Go Flash”, Cube Creative Productions (France)

“Seed and Princess Bilboquet”, Tchack – Aluma Productions (France), Freebird Pictures (Germany)

“Hakan Super Brakan”, Nuttery Entertainment (Sweden)

“Happy not Lucky”, Letko (Poland)

“Ice Breakers”, Fabrique D’Images (Luxembourg), Gap Busters (Belgium)

“Jack the Red”, beQ Entertainment (Italy)

“Cat & Cats”, Normal (France)

“Ki & Salut”, Drawsome (France)

“Leo’s Workshop”, Folioscope (France) Curiosity Studio (Ireland) Aerial Gadgets Workshop (USA)

“Lisa & Kolos” Melting Productions, Andarta Pictures (France), Squarefish (Belgium)

Louca, Media Valley (France), Belvision (Belgium)

“Maddie + Triggs”, Turnip + Duck (Ireland)

“Magical Mission to Mexico”, Kazak Productions, (France)

“Marcel, Santa Claus (and the little pizza delivery man)”, Xbo movie (France)

“Mervyn Album”, Kick the Door Productions (Spain), BigB (Germany)

“Moho”, Daily Madness Productions (Ireland)

“Myth Club”, Cartobaleno (Italy)

“Next Level: Odyssey”, TeamTO (France)

“Schalotte: an onion for all occasions”, Trickstudio Lutterbeck (Germany)

“Shadow’s World”, Recircle Studio (Croatia)

“Warriors Shepherdess”, Vivement Lundi !, The Incredible Studio (France)

“Tardy – The Water Bear from Outer Space”, Kairostudio (Italy)

“The Last Whale Singer Series”, Telescope Animation (Germany), Big Bad Boo (Canada), Big Bad Boo Entertainment (Holland)

“La Orquestita”, Mago Audiovisual Production (Spain), Apus Animation and Contents (Peru), Juan Luis Carve Pascale (Uruguay)

“Song of storms”, Sacrebleu Productions (France)

“Les Tinies”, YUM! Entertainment (France)

“Umami”, Distillery Films (Ireland)

“Welcome to Lolyland”, Cottonwood Media (France)

“Will Moogley Ghost Agency”, Studio Pandora, Show Lab (Italy)

“Witch Detectives”, Method Animation (France)

“Zoey Oceans”, Kimchi Studio (Spain)


“Feathered vignettes”, Novanima Productions (France)

“First”, TV ON Produccionnes (Spain), Tippo Creative Lab (Chile)

“Around the Wishing Well”, Laïdak Films (France)

“Spaghetti Sisters”, Sixteen South Television (Ireland)

“The Animal Court”, Zadig Productions, AOP Production (France)

“La Sterne”, Cyber ​​Group Studios (France)


“Bootyboo and the Mutants”, Paraiso Production, Ikki Films (France)

“In Jacob we live”, A. Filmproduktion (Denmark)

Mecca Nikki, Squarefish (Belgium), Dada! Entertainment (France)

“Star Stable: Mistfall”, Ferly (Finland), Atmosphere Media (Germany)


“Doom Mates”, Twentytwo Film (Germany)

“Dr. Bob”, Mr. Leal (France)

“Dreamland”, Dupuis Publishing and Audiovisual, Chouette Compagnie (France)

“Fucking Cat”, Around Minuit Productions (France)

“Gustave”, Deadliners Production, Andarta Pictures (France)

“Hamsters”, Haptique (Belgium)

“Karma”, Apart Film (Romania)

“Keiko and the Floating World”, Iliade and film (France)

“My Superhero Husband”, Addart Production (Greece), The Alphabet Initiative Agency (Germany)

“The Hall of Failure”, Ikki Films, Dadbod (France)

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