Cryptocurrency: “Elrond has the same growth potential as ETH with a very experienced development team.”

Elrond is a distributed network-based decentralized application development and hosting (Dapp) platform with an emphasis on scalability and low transaction costs. Elrond is therefore a competitor to more popular blockchains such as Ethereum and Solana.

Route by Elrond (EGLD): what is the current price?

Here is Elrond’s live course.

The essentials to know about Elrond

Creating crypto EGLD

The Benjamin brothers, Lucian Mincu and Lucian Todea, co-founded Elrond in late 2017. Prior to founding Elrond, they co-founded MetaChain Capital, a digital asset investment firm, and ICO Market Data, an ICO data aggregator. Todea is the founder and CEO of Soft32, a software review and download site.

The Elrond team consists of 27 developers, designers and engineers from Intel, MicrosoftITNT and Soft32 since June 2021. It also includes specialists from George Mason University and the University of Illinois, as well as seven advisors from GoogleNASA and Ethereum.

How it works Elrond ?

To validate transactions on its blockchain, Elrond has implemented 2 concepts:

  • I’Adaptive condition cutting : it is a division of the Elrond infrastructure to manage additional transactions and applications without slowing down the network.
  • SPoS (Secure Proof-of-Stake) : This is an Elrond-exclusive consensus that combines eligibility based on bet EGLDs and validator scoring with random node selection.

Elrond’s original cryptocurrency is the EGLD (Electronic Gold) token. It operates the Elrond network and is used to pay transaction fees to use the network. Validators are paid in EGLD.

Some DApps launched on Elrond

Crypto EGLD : our opinion and prediction for 2022

  • Elrond Mirror Mag Global Rating: 8/10

Opinion on the project Elrond

The speed of transaction processing at Elrond and the collaboration with other protocols make it a competitive blockchain for DApp development.

Price volatility announcement

The EGLD / USD price is more or less stable with actionable chart patterns.

Price prediction‘Elrond medium term

After falling back to the level in August 2021, EGLD has become low enough for investment to benefit from the upcoming rally in the cryptocurrency market.

Price prediction‘Elrond long-term

EGLD has the same growth potential as ETH with a very experienced development team. As was the case with Ethereum, the long-term goal of $ 4000 is quite realistic.

Conclusion – Should you invest in Elrond Crypto?

Elrond is still far from “killing” Ethereum, but it is one of them ethereum killers the most relevant.

Useful resources to invest in Elrond (EGLD)

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