Interview. Small. Brigitte Rose, the one who liked to get the kids singing, leaves the Opera

Brigitte Rose founded the “Finoreille” apparatus, which raises children’s awareness of lyrical art, in 2015 (© BR Morez)

Brigitte Rose leaves her post at Little Opera with a series of concerts in the region, from 15 to 29 June 2022. Portrait of the founding director of “Finoreille” projecta device that develops artistic taste, and especially singing, among 8-12-year-olds.

News: Becoming a choir leader, was that obvious?

Bridget Rose: A legacy, a continuity to be secured rather … I come from a militant family with popular enlightenment. My parents, committed teachers, with a mother who was an amateur choir leader, wanted their children to be musicians.
Since my earliest childhood, always in the skirts of my mother, I rubbed shoulders with musicians, choir leaders, including one, Michel Gentilhomme, who became my spiritual father. When I was 8 years old, when I was asked what job I wanted to do, I replied “Michel Gentilhomme”.
Everything happened so naturally, in the continuity of my musical studies and experiences (rather eclectic, sometimes far from the classical canons) with the achievement at the age of 20 of the Certificate of Aptitude for Musical Training, then the specialization in choral conducting. and sing.

On what basis did you envision this Finoreille project 8 years ago?

BR: Reaching young children far from the lyrical world, or simply from the performing arts, to give a wider audience access to the Opera was the primary goal. From this arose another, perhaps more significant, which was to guide and give these children the keys to grow well thanks to a rich and demanding artistic education. The network with all partners in the territory was also an essential issue for connecting with the families. I think this is one of the aspects that has greatly contributed to the success of the project.

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“Finoreille” is an apparatus for vocal practice workshops for children from Hauts-de-France aged 8 to 12 years. The pedagogy is above all centered on the child’s individual development and learning of collective work through the joy of singing. Finoreillle now has 334 children in 19 workshops in 17 municipalities.
Upcoming concerts:
– Little Opera: June 15, 23 and 29
-Hazebrouck: June 15th
-Sars Pottery, MusVerre: June 23rd
-Oignies: June 29th

Is it a great opportunity to work in a structure like Lille Opera for a large-scale educational project?

BR: Being not very close to the lyrical environment, coming to Lille and integrating this beautiful house was a really good opportunity to end my career as an artist-teacher.
My great luck was to be able, with my humanity and my conviction, which has always carried me, to offer all these children the opportunity to enter the opera stage, open the doors to wonder and pleasure, while developing an artist’s soul in listening and critical thinking.

You have been carrying this project since 2015 with the Opera and you are leaving it in a few days, what is your assessment of the years you have spent developing a love of music in children through singing?

BR: My arrival at Little Opera comes after many years of teaching and conducting choirs (46!), Where I have never felt tired. The 7 years at the Little Opera (and many on the roads of Hauts-de-France) are in a way an achievement of this long journey. I was able to go even further in all my research on the construction of the child by this artistic expression that is singing, acquiring an ambitious repertoire and learning the stage … In addition to the love of music, there is also confidence in life, openness towards others, curiosity, the desire to discover and surpass oneself …

Your most memorable memory?

BR: Hard … there were so many beautiful moments, meetings with all these kids, amazed looks, moments of discouragement too (very rare!) …
My most beautiful and greatest memory will be the success of my final season of the creation of Inukshuk aux étoiles, thanks to the richness of the collaboration with Julien Dassié, the composer, and with this organic joy emanating from the 340th young artists during performance days.
But also the one (in the stage choir in Noces Variations) of little Mégane, lonely with a closed face who said nothing, barely sang, and who suddenly ran to take his place on stage with a big smile and even got into trouble with others .

How do you see the future of Finoreille?

BR: In its continuity with a new breath given by my successor *s artistic personality from the lyrical environment. Despite the feeling of stopping the activity, I feel a certain joy in letting “my baby” continue to grow together with a beautiful human being surrounded by a formidable pedagogical and administrative team with which the project has laid its solid foundation.

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Your next projects as a choir leader without Finoreille?

BR: The transmission, the training of conductors, my vocal ensemble in Franche-Comté, covers by Inukshuk for the stars, here and there stand-alone creations and projects … and then sing along and take my viola (almost asleep for 7 years)) in chamber music .
But also above all, take your time and enjoy a new, freer life, always with 25 years in my head!

Interview by Françoise Objois

* This is Christine Rigaud.

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