The 22 most common reasons why some people choose single life over marriage

Sometimes love just isn’t enough to make a relationship work. We live in a society where more and more people are choosing singlehood over a committed relationship, whether it is because they value their freedom or because of problems with past relationships that make them feel bad. confident at the thought of entering into a new relationship.

There is nothing better than having someone to cuddle up to on a cold winter night or having the support to get you through difficult times in life. However, there are many reasons why people do not want to be in a relationship, and here are the most common ones.

22 reasons why people sometimes choose singlehood over a lasting relationship:

Low self-esteem


If you have low self-esteem, you may not be interested in a relationship. Of course, love can happen when you least expect it, but you are not actively looking for a romantic partner.

2. Some people choose celibacy because of poor dating skills

Some people do not know how to seduce someone and do not know how to improve their seduction abilities. In general, they make no effort to find anyone because they are socially awkward.

Some do not want to be committed to just one partner.

When you are not committed to anyone, you are free to do whatever you want. If your plans change at the last minute, there is no problem because you are free. For a strong and independent person, freedom is crucial.

Bad experiences

Some people choose to be single because they have been in a relationship before and have had very bad experiences and they do not want to take the risk of suffering again.

5. Work and career come first


Some people are completely dedicated to their work. They have all the qualities of a good partner, but they do not want to bring anyone into their life because of their career.

6. Sexuality problems

Sometimes there are sexual problems that stem from abuse or medical problems. If a person feels that for some reason they can not have sex, they may prefer to remain single instead of complaining about it.

7. No need to share your money

Money is always a big issue in a relationship. It is no wonder that an article published in the Independent in the UK cites financial problems as the main cause of divorce and the statistics for other developed countries are relatively similar.

8. Some people choose celibacy for fear of rejection.

If you have been rejected in the past, the fear of it happening again may be too much for you to deal with.

9. Addictions

If you have a substance abuse problem, you may not be in the right state of mind to be in a relationship. You may prefer an adventure once in a while, but your addiction is driving your life right now. You know that you must first heal yourself before you consider committing to someone.

10. You can not move on with a past love.

How many times have you thought about your first love? Whether it’s your first love or the mother / father of your children, you may not want to move on because you love someone else. Unhappy love is a great heartache to deal with, and according to the National Institutes of Health, you can die of broken heart syndrome.

11. Mental problems

If you suffer from depression, anxiety or other mental health issues, you may find it easier not to include anyone in your life. Unfortunately, many people do not understand mental illness and you may not want to force anyone to share your day-to-day.

12. Relationships require constant effort.

All relationships require effort and compromise to function, even those that seem perfect. If you do not have the courage to make efforts and compromise to make your relationship work, it is better to choose single life.

13. You’re too picky

Finally, one of the most common reasons people stay single is because they are too picky. They want to choose a partner who crosses all the boxes on a list, but they tend to overestimate themselves and others.

14. You like to live alone


When you let another person into your room, share everything. Your bathroom, your closet and your closet do not belong to you, nor your time. Some people prefer to live alone and not have to share all their stuff. Relationships require a lot to give and take, and many people do not want to do that.

15. Some people choose celibacy for fear of commitment.

Maybe you want a stable relationship, but the fear of commitment holds you back. This trend is often seen when people have been through a very trying divorce or have seen their parents tear themselves apart in their marriage. The fear that history will repeat itself is too much to deal with.

16. You are introverted

Introverts keep to themselves. While some may think this person is shy, this is not always the case. Many introverts stay single because they do not want to step out of their comfort zone and meet new people. The very thought of leaving the house and spending the evening with strangers is frightening to them.

17. You do not want to be tied to just one person.

Not everyone likes the idea of ​​finding someone to share their life with. For some people, the thought of spending all their days with one person is unbearable.

18. Children from a former union

You may prefer to be single if you have children from a previous relationship. You can choose to be single because you prefer to make sure no one gets between you and your kids.

20. Fear of divorce

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Some people do not want to get into a relationship because they fear divorce. Maybe you have wealth that you do not want to share or you do not want to experience this drama. If you have been divorced before, it may scare you enough to want to stay single.

20. Fear of losing individuality

There are certain things you should say and do when you are in a relationship. Some people are reluctant to compromise because they feel they will lose their individuality.

21. You choose celibacy because you want less stress.

Even in the most beautiful conditions, there are always problems that can be stressful. When you’re only responsible for yourself and your actions, it’s not that awkward. Some people prefer singlehood because they think there will be less drama.

22. You think you are too selfish to commit to a relationship.

Some people are simply selfish by nature and there is nothing wrong with wanting to meet your needs. If your time, your money, your home and your future do not have room for another person, then it is better to remain single than to make another unhappy. Knowing that you need to put your needs first, at least for now, is a sign of emotional intelligence.

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