The Ethereum transition, NFTs as donation rewards, the Illuvium NFT game

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2008, Crypto has presented an endless amount of white space with imaginable and unimaginable market opportunities, often with the mobile at the center of art in play. S2422

Disrupt the real estate market via blockchain

Foundation will be the first NFT real estate investment project. Early investors make up the Founders Club, an elite group of innovators eager to combine blockchain technology with advanced real estate development. The initial investments will form a real estate investment pool to fund new properties in South Florida. The project includes 7,777 NFTs, which are expected to raise $ 7,000,000. Each transaction takes place on the Ethereum blockchain with a digital asset corresponding to a virtual neighborhood. Once minted, the funds will be deposited in a portfolio of builders to acquire and develop luxury properties. Proceeds will be converted from Eth to USD to avoid market price volatility. Then real estate development begins.


Ready Games launches Web3 mobile division

There are over 3 billion mobile players worldwide, currently a huge untapped market in Web3, Ready is taking advantage of this market.

Since its founding in 2016, Ready has provided game developers with access to the vast world of mobile gaming, providing development tools and incentives for programmers. Ready’s goal is to encourage Web2 game developers to experiment and migrate to Web3 with reduced development time and cost, while continuing to release “classic” games through traditional app stores. And in the process, Ready has already raised $ 3 million in an NFT token sale led by BITKRAFT and Hashed along with a number of funds. With the release of an innovative token called $ AURA and the release of turnkey developer tools to quickly integrate web2 mobile games into web3 according to Apple’s and Google’s App Store rules.

Will Ethereum Merge reach its goals

Ethereum is changing and some think it will be complicated, there is fear! Imagine that Ethereum is a spaceship that is not quite ready for interstellar travel. With the Beacon chain, the community built a new engine and a hardened hull. When the time comes, the current ship will dock with this new system, merge into a single ship, ready to go serious light years and conquer the universe. This will mark the end of proof-of-work to proof-of-stake for Ethereum and herald an era of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly Ethereum.

The entire crypto market lost $ 1 trillion this year alone. The reasons range from the inherent volatility of crypto to the increased risk at the height of the Russo-Ukrainian war. But moving an entire blockchain network from one system to another does not happen overnight. Developers and coders have been solving this problem for years, battling obstacles and bugs along the way. But on Wednesday, June 8, Ethereum developers performed the first of three major tests before completing the merger, and the network succeeded.

The test exercise that took place is the first concrete evidence that Ethereum can move to proof-of-stake validation with minimal hassle. Although the developers have discovered some minor bugs, the consensus is that the current issues will be easily resolved. The merger can go live as early as August 2022. But investors can also expect the change to have a major impact on the value of their portfolios.


Floor, your NFTs in your pocket

Floor offers NFT portfolio tracking, real-time price alerts, live activity for collections and multi-portfolio support. Upcoming features include the ability to create an NFT watch list and estimated values ​​to help guide buying and selling decisions. The Floor app was launched in October 2021 as a secure experience for tokens. Over the ensuing months, Floor released three generations of access tokens, creating millions of dollars in user opportunities. The application is opened 12 times on average every day by users!

Floor served as a secure experience where community members must purchase an NFT to access the app. Onboarding is a manual process that takes place via Discord. The startup raised $ 8 million in a Series A round.

NFTs as a reward for donations

The start-up AKIUS wants to revolutionize the collection of charitable donations with Operation Magic at the hospital with Éric Antoine. The startup hosts French and international associations, all causes combined (health, poverty, animal cruelty, etc.), and helps them raise funds by trading on their godfathers ‘/ godmothers’ infamous leverage. Every association on Akius is supported by a celebrity. Akius’ goal is to raise $ 1 billion for charity. Each association, through their platform, which will be able to collect 20% more donations out of the total donations collected over a year, thanks to the NFT reward technology provided by Akius, adapted for new generations.

Donors in addition to doing a good deed are rewarded through an NFT and become a true VIP membership of their favorite celebrity. This is how they attract generations Y / Z. For each qualified donation, an NFT will be attached, giving a unique value to the donation. Donors who have not been able to take advantage of their NFT rewards, such as access to personal thanks from their celebrity, will be able to resell this NFT in the marketplace for the benefit of another donor.

Collective of 3D movement artists

LoopgangNFT is a collective of 3D movement artists. He launches “Genesis: Splash of Color”, which presents works of art that highlight a particular color, on a neutral background. The collection consists of nine unique NFTs intended for auction, each with an artist’s signature. All auction winners will receive “Infinity Pass” NFT, which provides access to LoopgangNFT’s Discord channel, access to exclusive auctions and raffles, and bonus NFTs for future drops on Crypto.‌com

Volatility attracts funds!

Volatility in the sector has not deterred more traditional hedge funds from investing in crypto, and more cryptocurrency-focused funds are being created as digital assets gain more acceptance, according to the 4th Annual Report 2022 on PwC’s global hedge funds. Of the traditional hedge funds surveyed, 38% invest in digital assets, up from 21% a year earlier. The number of crypto-focused hedge funds is estimated at more than 300 globally, with the pace of creation accelerating over the last two years. According to the report, most traditional hedge funds are just testing, as 57% have less than 1% of total assets under management (AuM) in digital assets. However, for 20% of these funds, digital assets represent between 5% and 50% of total assets. In addition, two-thirds of the funds currently investing in digital assets intend to use more capital there before the end of this year.

Research shows that there are currently over 300 crypto-hedge funds, half of which were launched within the last 3 years.

The launch of new cryptocurrencies seems to be correlated with the price of Bitcoin

The launch of new cryptocurrencies seems to be correlated with the price of Bitcoin

NFT Illuvium game raises $ 72 million

Illuvium, a fighting role-playing game incorporating non-fungible tokens (NFTs), announced Sunday that it has raised more than $ 72 million in digital land sales. The land sale took place between 2 June and 5 June 2022. Of the 20,000 vacant plots, 19,969 were sold, while the remaining 31 plots were to be held for future gifts. Illuvium is set to launch on PC and macOS in the third quarter of 2022. Players can purchase weapons and armor as NFTs that can help them throughout the game, which can then be resold on the IlluviDEX in-game marketplace, which was also not launched.

Samsung US dives into Web3 and opens controversy

The Samsung US Discord server is specially designed for fans, gamers and creators to interact and gain exclusive access to products, events, NFTs and more. Following the successful launches of the Samsung 837X, our immersive metaverse experience in Decentraland, and the Samsung Superstar Galaxy on Roblox, the official Samsung US Discord server went live on June 7th. Discord is the primary channel for Web 3.0 and metaverse experiences used by over one hundred million people to hang out and talk to their friends and communities. The Samsung US Discord server marks Samsung’s expansion into the Web 3.0 area and the meta-verse. Since January 2022, the brand has utilized the metaverse to strengthen consumer education around its strategic pillars – sustainability, personalization and connectivity – and engagement through immersive and interactive adventures.

Cronos launches an acceleration program

Through the Cronos Accelerator program, developers can participate in a 10-week program with a $ 100 million war chest. The accelerator announcement is good news for blockchain projects that are in the pre-seed stage and looking for funding, mentorship, growth, or a combination of the above. The Cronos Accelerator program will primarily focus on advanced Defi, Web3 Gaming & Metaverse and Infrastructure & Tooling technologies. Projects accepted as part of the Cronos Accelerator program will be matched with reputable industry mentors. In addition, weekly workshops are held by Cronos Labs and external experts. These workshops will cover various topics related to protocol development. Cronos Accelerator has a number of leading key partners who will support Accelerator projects through investments, mentorships and workshops.


7 things to know when starting your NFT project

Faced with the complex legal issues that NFTs raise, here is a guide that brings together all the answers that a law firm wants to provide in the current situation. The legal environment around NFTs is extremely vague, thus it is a matter of navigating a fog of uncertainties that surrounds Blockchain as a whole. The guide reviews the legal definition of an NFT, the transfer of rights attached to an NFT, the taxation of NFTs, the status of PSANs, information on consumer legislation & NFT, European legislation and finally fire protection.


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