Chronicle “C’est la vie” – Restless children … Parents on hallucinogens

In the United States, parents resolve conflicting relationships with their children using a powder of hallucinogenic mushrooms …

Americans are not afraid of anything. Very curious, they are ready to explore everything. This is what often gives them a head start when it comes to research. And since they are great pragmatists, they are ready to test everything to find a solution to their problems. Gift incentive for Covid vaccination, exile of homeless people who destroy the urban landscape, recipe guides for flirting and making love, etc.

Currently, their problem is their obstacles to educating their children. As for the rest, nothing natural, instinctive in their attitude. They need “instructions for use”: how to understand them, support them, develop them. Note that they are not talking about “labeling” them, which is still the basis of education. No, what these parents are looking for is a “peaceful” relationship with their offspring. It seems that the child already at the age of 4, 5, 6 years is able to generate insane aggression in his parents. So there is an emergency …

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Well, the boho elite of American parents have found a solution: Take a pinch of hallucinogenic mushrooms to feel empathy with the little monster, and moreover with everyone in the (mixed) family. Be careful, it’s not about being selfish and getting high and revisiting your travel experience. Although the psilocybin in the product may reconnect you with your childhood traumas. This is precisely the purpose of “psilocybin-assisted” treatments. Applied to education, this “help” would make you feel what your tyrannical toddler is going through, and therefore help you curb your desires to beat him and lock him inside his room. What any educator with a functioning brain would do. But no, this education is the guarantee of passing for a heartless dragon.

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The trend emerged two or three years ago in New York and California. Not in the poor suburbs, one supposes. In circles where you have time to observe your discomfort and frustrations. To sum up the context: parenting is great, but it’s physically and nervously exhausting. We do not understand the whims of his screaming child, we can not find any way to reassure him … Worse: it is impossible to find his own peace once he sleeps. On the contrary, the devil’s explosions create tensions and conflicts in the couple. “Routine,” any child psychiatrist would tell you. A tragedy for these poor Americans.

In Brooklyn or Santa Barbara, they are organized in therapeutic seminars under the guidance of specialists from the famous Johns Hopkins Hospital. Matthew W. Johnson is their prophet. A researcher in psychoactive drugs – that is, in drugs – he treated depression, deep anxiety and phobias with all kinds of hallucinogens. Why not. And yes, he confirms that more and more parents are resolving their conflicting relationships using these magic powders. What does it give them? “A broader perspective on their own behavior and reactions to their children”, but also “a self-compassion for their parenting role” and suddenly “a greater capacity to understand the vulnerability and dilemmas” of their cherub. It is so large that it resembles a parody of sixty-eight.

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We dare not imagine what will become of these offspring raised in this shattered empathy. Just hope that the children, faced with the disarming infantilism of these abandoned parents, decide to put an end to it.

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