“I’m sure you and I are for life so you might as well get physical right away”

The big swipe

You necessarily know couples around you who are formed through a dating application. Maybe you’ve even experienced it. The big swipe tells these amazing stories of Love or Friendship 2.0, starting with a swipe, a like or just a message.

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Paula is 32 years old and has been single for 4 years when she encounters David’s profile on Tinder: “I had been on this dating app for a very short time when I saw his picture. In fact, I first tried to meet someone in person , before I went through an application. I kept a few dates with friends of friends and people from work before I quit Tinder. I was quickly mistaken as I limited myself: there were plenty to choose from. I talked to a couple of men before I found David’s profile.I had not spoken to him yet as I knew I would take a stand on him.I decided it would be it.

David strokes back: “I do not know what I would have done if he did not like me. I needed him to validate my profile. When he did, I was relieved. I started talking to him about it. same, even though it gave me the image of a slightly desperate girl. With him, I did not care about looks and codes. I wanted him to be with me as much as I was with him. “

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A smile that makes the difference

It was her smile that won over the young woman: “I wish I could say I fell in love with her spirit, and memorized her bio. But actually there was not much in it. What I liked about his place , these are his pictures.He had a super candid smile with a defect in a tooth as if it was broken.I wanted to know the story.I prevented myself from talking more about it right away he could have had a complex, but as soon as I noticed that the conversation was flowing, I went in. He told me that it was something he had done when he was little, a fight with his brother that had gone wrong. I thought it was sweet, how is this little bug super cute and gives him a lot of character. “

Paula is a little anxious as she exchanges with David: “I was well aware that it did not take much to make me look crazy. I loved him even though I did not know him. I was sure , that we were going to leave. to get married together. With my best friend it was a joke. But in the messages I went on eggshells. Impossible to reveal everything at once: “Listen, David, you are cute and I’m sure , that you and I are for life, so you might as well go straight to the physical. “He would not have understood. For the meeting, I waited for him to take the first step.”

In the cinema for the first time together, even though it is “risky”

They end up in the cinema: “It was a bit of a risky plan because it makes or breaks watching a movie with someone. You have to like spending almost 2 hours with this person close to you, like talking about the movie with him … after. But I wanted us to do something as a couple as if it was already done. After the movies we ate dinner together and it was perfect. That was when I packed everything out for him. I said everything I thought about him from the moment I saw his profile and what I was convinced of next time. He broke out in laughter. He told me I was crazy and then he told me that he loved it. “

Paula does not know that it is David’s own story that makes him react in this way: “I learned afterwards that he had suffered a lot during his previous story. His girlfriend never told him that she liked him and never gave he compliments. He ended up getting depressed. With me he had no risk of going through it again. He liked that I was so clear with my feelings, so connected to my desires and that I was not ashamed of to talk about it.joy to have been able to bring him it.Now we’ve been together for more than a year and it’s happiness.You will see that I’m right: We have to spend the rest of our lives together! “


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