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The foundations of the republic and democracy are based on the separation of powers: executive, legislative and judicial. They are also based on a freedom of expression, which should enable all citizens to know and appreciate the most diverse opinions, conveyed by the mainstream media independently of each other, especially in times of crisis and election periods.

When a man or a political party manages to question all or part of the above basis, then democracy is threatened and we are pushing for dictatorship.

Legislature: What about France today?

During Macron’s first term, all of these foundations for democracy, the Constitution, and the Republic were shattered by the power that was in place.

Only the executive, which had an absolute majority in the assembly, but also almost total control over the judiciary (judiciary, state council and constitutional council) was able to rule without counter-power, openly contemptuous of any alternative opinion, without risk of being disturbed and without need to listen to an almost non-existent opposition.

In addition, the “camaraderie” of the president and the small group of billionaires controlling the mainstream media, the 4th power, allowed the press to unite with the first 3 and coordinate its action with them to praise the smallest decisions made by the executive and to destroy, with more or less finesse and savagery, and in droves of course the resistance which might arise. The information organizations have gradually become tools for mass manipulation and propaganda for the benefit of power, highlighting the sense of omnipotence and the arrogant attitude that already characterized the latter. The role of the mainstream media in permanent and total support for a rather poorly elected power has been obvious and caricatural in dealing with the health crisis and in managing the Ukrainian crisis by defining and imposing “political correctness”.

It should be recalled that the President and almost all his deputies had difficulty in gathering more than 20% of the voters registered in their names in the first round of elections, which concerned them, that 80% of the registered voters therefore did not vote for them, and that under these conditions it is humility and attention, and not arrogance and absolutism, that should characterize their form of government.

Once things have been done, a Republican front opposing the conquest of an absolute majority in the assembly of the executive on the spot, and a possible drift towards dictatorship, seems desirable to me.


So what should I do in my constituency?

In my constituency, I am faced with a fairly common scenario throughout national territory: that of a duel between a Macron-compatible candidate and a NUPES candidate.

Since I am a right-wing voter and have voted for neither of the two finalists, I will therefore have to either abstain or vote blank, which is equivalent to voting pro-Macron, or voting NUPES, that is, for a party with ideas almost diametrically opposed to min.

After careful consideration, I will vote NUPES without the slightest concern.


President Macron, endowed with all the powers and supported by the mainstream press, seems to me today to be infinitely more dangerous to our country than Mr Mélenchon.

It has already deconstructed large parts of our economy by selling from many of our industrial flagships. It has already handed over a very large part of our sovereignty to Europe and NATO (hence to the United States). He leads a government that is corrupt by lobbies and prefers to “annoy” its people rather than displease its sponsors. He caused the government debt to “explode” and continues to write bad checks to “help” low-income voters vote for him (energy checks, purchasing power, etc.). He took us to children during the health crisis by imposing stupid and useless measures on us before imposing the opposite on us. Giving it all the power, with an absolute legislative majority, means taking it for another five years … and watching our country continue to “dive”.

As for Mr Mélenchon, at best he will only have a relative majority. If he were to become Prime Minister, which is still unlikely, all the controls and balances provided for in our Constitution (Council of State, Constitutional Council) would miraculously resume his function, limiting his potential for harm. The chairman would retain the option of dissolving the assembly. The risk of drift and excess would be infinitely less than with “Macron Imperator”, especially since the press, which was positive towards the President, would not give a gift to Mr Mélenchon.

In conclusion, I will not abstain. I will enthusiastically participate in the Republican and Democratic anti-Macron front with the aim of setting a limit on the powers of the President for the next 5 years. I will therefore, by default, vote for NUPES in my constituency. And then I also really want on my trip to “annoy” those who annoyed me during the health crisis, just “because they wanted to”, and who may not have finished it,… .. after the election of course.

I hope for them that the polls will have taken into account this kind of “unnatural” vote transfer and this anti-dictatorship Republican front, which may affect the final result of the 2022 parliamentary elections.

For information, I let the reader discover the 12 commitments made by the candidates invested by “Together”, a coalition that supports President Macron.

Dominique Delawarde

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