bread in the disco. Children in care. The War of the Wands. And departure to Statistics Norway.


The heat is rising

The heat wave from Spain progresses and arrives at the department. Temperatures will therefore rise during the day by 29 ° C on the Côte des Bar; 30 ° C in Troyes, Nogent-sur-Seine and Mailly-le-Cap.

Happy birthday to Germaines


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“Stung” in the disco

Shana, 22, is not setting foot in the disco for the time being. Last weekend, her behavior completely escaped her after what she considers a sting. She lodged a complaint. Read the article

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Even more children placed because of the health crisis

During and after the first incarceration in 2020, the number of calls to dangerous situations increased by 25% in the Aube.
During and after the first incarceration in 2020, the number of calls to dangerous situations increased by 25% in the Aube. – Stock illustration

The Department of Childhood, a structure that receives minors placed in charge of social assistance for children, has since last year received more children and young children. The health crisis has shown an increase in reports. Read the article

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New charge of attempted rape against Damien Abad refusing

Solidarity Minister Damien Abad is the target of new charges from a woman who says she was subjected to an attempted rape in 2010.

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Mathilde Fleurquin leaves Sainte-Savine basketball with a heavy heart

The young full-back trained in Sainte-Savine turns the page with some bitterness after a difficult sports season and “disappointing” human relationships. Before joining Geispolsheim, her new club, she tells her four truths. Read the article

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Soon the bakery war in Romilly-sur-Seine?

After Marie-Blachère west of the urban area, a new major brand, Feuillette, will move into the buildings of the former Lidl. For small bakeries in the heart of the city comes new competition … Read the article

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Stéphane Lefranc, the man who whispered in the ears of bison

True Shiva from the fauna area of ​​Orient Forest Regional Nature Park, he has to control everything, anticipate everything, control everything that can happen to his 4- or 4-legged inhabitants. Some are friendly to the human approach, others much less so. Read the article

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5 minutes more?

Pont-Sainte-Marie:What you need to know about the first Senior Justice Point

– Justice:Shots fired in front of McDonald’s in Pont-Sainte-Marie: Four young people jailed

– The most read article yesterday: Troyes: a municipal policeman injured under the control of a motorist


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