Dacia evolves and says goodbye to ‘bottle opener’

After fourteen years of good and faithful service, the Dacia logo with a design reminiscent of that of a bottle opener born in 2008 disappears from the Romanian manufacturer’s signage in favor of the “Dacia Link” decal that will now be present on all range models.
The matter is not new in substance, as it took shape during the presentation of the Bigster Concept SUV before arriving in the second half of 2021 in the update of the graphics charter and communication of the manufacturer. Six months ago, Dacia distributors started adopting the brand’s new design for their buildings.
At the end of spring 2022, it will be the turn of the Dacia range to adopt the new DC logo and the minor changes that come with it.

Solidity, sobriety!

The emblem consists of a joined D and a C and, according to the manufacturer, symbolizes the bond of trust between Dacia and its customers, hence the name “Dacia Link”. Some, probably fans of the brand, also say that the new logo means “D for Dacia and C for Confiance”. Why not ?
Others, probably less focused on the automotive industry, see inspiration from the worlds of fashion or streetwear as they ensure that the DC Shoes or Dolce & Gabbana logos served as inspiration for the industrial company’s designers. The case is discussed (see below)

The new emblem, which consists of a stylized D and C, connected as two links, should visually materialize simplicity and solidity.
This updated logo can be found on the redesigned, white-colored grilles, the wheel covers and the center caps of the aluminum rims. The logo we all know also disappears from the tailgate and steering wheels of Dacias to give way to the 5 letters of the name with a minimalist design that reflects the spirit of the brand, the robustness and the essential side of the models. If the Dacia name is integrated on the steering wheel into the airbag cover, it extends over a large part of the opening on the tailgate.

History of the evolution of the Dacia logo

It’s not just the logo that changes

In terms of developments, we note the arrival of a new color called “Lichen Khaki”, which is inspired by nature and even by the mosses of the undergrowth and the earth. This new colorway is available on all models in the range.
Also in the adjustments there is the introduction of a new ” Megalith grey replacing black for the roof racks, front and rear underride plates and door mirror caps on the Spring electric mini city car, the Sandero Stepway and the Duster SUV.

Dacia takes the opportunity to reorganize its range and the names of the different finishes. The manufacturer indicates that the assortment levels have been renamed to make the offer more readable for buyers.
The Access and Essential versions are now the most affordable versions, the Expression finish becomes the core of the range, taking over from the Comfort finish. The Journey version is the most equipped version and replaces the Prestige finish. The Extreme finish integrates the Dacia range as standard and becomes a top-class escape.

Like Volvo, Dacia limits the maximum speed of its vehicles

Yes, as the Swedish manufacturer has been doing for some time now, Dacia officially announces that it will honor one of the Renault Group’s commitments at the general meeting on April 23, 2021, as Dacia will be the first Renault Group from 2023. brand to have 100% of its vehicles electronically limit a maximum speed to 180 km/h.
The case does not concern many models as only the Duster TCe 130 SUV (Vmax: 193 km/h in 4×2 and 188 km/h in 4×4) and Duster TCe 150 (Vmax: 202 km/h in 4×2 and 198 km/h in 4×4) are affected by this factory speed limit.

This new visual identity will be deployed simultaneously across the entire range and from tomorrow, Thursday, June 16, customers will be able to order vehicles with the new visual identity, but they will have to wait until the Paris Motor Show in October 2022 to really discover them.
The first vehicles will arrive on the Dacia network between the show in Paris and the end of the year.

Via Dacia.

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