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  • Peru is working to create a CBDC
    The president of Peru’s central bank, Julio Velarde, said last week that Peru was working to create an electronic currency. The primary purpose of this new currency will be payments. The CBDC project in Peru is still in its infancy and some information has been leaked. For Julio Velarde, the idea is to give Peru a CBDC to meet the challenges of the future. In the same speech, Julio Velarde mentioned thus technological change underway. For him, 10 years from now, payment systems will “have nothing to do” with current funds. Faced with the development of an entire ecosystem, Peru does not want to be left behind! Read here.
  • Binance in Ireland?
    Binance would hold discussions with sovereign wealth funds that would be interested in a “participation”. Separately, the stock exchange is reportedly set to establish a new base in Ireland and is preparing for a new round of financing in the United States. Read here.
  • 5,000 lucky users to get into The SandBox Alpha
    The gaming company The Sandbox ofAnimoca brands opens part of its metaverse to players for the first time through the event Alpha. However, only a handful of lucky players will be able to enjoy the full experience. In fact, according to a recent announcement from the company, the event starts on November 29 at. 13.00 UTC and runs until 20 December. A group of 5,000 users will be able to earn up to 1,000 SANDs (approximately $ 3,500 in current prices) and three exclusive NFTs. To do this, they need to spend time in the 18 experiences developed by The Sandbox teams.
  • Farewell to the Lord of the Rings token
    The JRR token based on the Lord of the Rings theme will not see the light of day, a lawsuit from the family and estate of the famous author of the series. JRR Tolkien, who died in 1973, gained the upper hand. On Tuesday, Law360 reported that Tolkien’s property had reached a settlement with the developer Matthew Jensen regarding its JRR Token, launched in August this year. Under the agreement, Jensen promised to terminate his token and remove all content that infringes the estate’s trademark rights to JRR Tolkien’s name and intellectual property in connection with Lord of the Rings. He also agreed to pay the costs of the estate, which were not disclosed. Read here.
  • Brazilians will be able to pay in crypto at Mercado Libre
    Free Market, the largest Argentine Internet trading company in Latin America by market value, will allow Brazilian users to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies, the company confirmed to CoinDesk on Monday. Mercado Libre said it came to the cryptosphere with “a world-class depot”, although it did not specify who it would partner with for this service. The company added that it “has analyzed all the financial and regulatory aspects surrounding this technology.”
  • Citi is getting more and more crypto
    The financial company of New York Citigroup Inc. operating under the name Citi, employs 100 people to strengthen its blockchain and digital assets division, according to an uninformed source with knowledge of the bank’s plans. Citi also named Puneet Singhvi responsible for digital assets for Citi’s Institutional Clients Group (ICG) from December 1, according to a company note shared with CoinDesk. Read here.
  • The investment of 500 million Celsius
    Cryptocurrency lender Celsius brings its investment in Bitcoin mining to $ 500 million. In an interview with Blocks on Monday, CEO of Celsius, Alex Mashinskysaid the investment was made to increase the hash speed and flow capacity of its proprietary North American Bitcoin mining system.
  • Pay with crypto at Regal Cinemas
    The cinema chain Treat will accept cryptocurrency as payment through a partnership with the digital payment company Flexa, according to a statement released Tuesday morning. Regal said it accepts Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Dogecoin. The company will also allow customers to pay with stack coins, including USD Coin, Dai and Gemini dollars. Tokens such as LINK, ATOM and BAT are also accepted. Regal is a US subsidiary of the British group cineworld and has 6,885 screens in 514 cinemas in 42 states. Read here.
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