Faced with the expected heat wave in the Loiret, good measures to adopt

Beware, the heat wave is approaching! At the end of the week and this weekend, the thermometer will rise in the Loire and over much of France. Consequence: good gestures must be adopted in all circumstances.

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In sports …

The first enemy for athletes in hot weather is the risk of dehydration. According to Olivier Fichaux, sports cardiologist at Orléans, “strenuous efforts, such as split runs, should be avoided“.” By dehydrating, we reduce the volume of the essence of the heart. And this accelerates to recovery “, suggests the specialist, who calls” to hydrate well and consult in case of chest pain or shortness of breath “.” An experienced athlete who practices six to eight hours of sports a week will be able to to deal with these problems “, however, Olivier Fichaux notes.

At ASPTT in Orléans, the sports sessions will be less intense. “We want to manage the effort and the length of the courses after the heat,” explains Patrick Glorian, head of the sports department at the Orleans Club, which trains Tuesdays and Thursdays in the wooded areas of the La Source district.

In school…

“This is not the first time we have faced these periods of heat. They become annual“, notes the Rectorate of Orléans-Tours. The Ministry of National Education, which provokes a” heat wave episode “, sent an explanatory note to the heads of institutions and directors of schools. Use of the right gestures: reduce physical activity, get students to drink and encourage them to moisturize their skin, invite parents to adjust student clothes (wearing caps, sunglasses and possibly putting on sunscreen before school).

“It is also appropriate thatbe aware of signs of deteriorating health (great weakness, great tiredness, dizziness, dizziness, decreased consciousness, nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps, etc.) and make staff aware of the identification of problems that may arise“, Clarifies the Ministry of National Education.

During the student exams, examiners must ensure that the exam rooms remain protected from the heat. Candidates must have drinking water available and / or be able to leave the room to quench their thirst.

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At festivals …

L’Astrolabe, which hosts Saturday and Sunday the tenth anniversary of Hey Gamins! at the Chécy leisure center together with the town hall looking for some parades in the heat. Although the venue for the family festival has already been planted, the organizers would like to rent gazebos to provide even more shady areas and a gentleman to refresh little festival goers.

In addition, Orléan’s current music scene will remind you in its newsletter of the precautions you must take before going to the festival: bring water to hydrate, sunscreen against sunburn and a hat against heat stroke.

Opposite to, The symphony call, originally scheduled for outdoor Saturday afternoon, has been canceled.

Nicolas Bontron (with Katia Beaupetit)

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