It’s a reunion for the legendary candidates for the TF1 show!

An ex-adventurer from Koh-Lanta got married on Friday, June 10, 2022. He invited his adventure friends! The details

Koh-Lanta is an adventure reality show that is broadcast daily on TF1. Since its debut on air, the show has won many viewers. Currently, it represents an exclusive deal for all TV enthusiasts.

Moreover, this is a quite normal attraction as the show has become the scene of several sentimental protests. What should touch the heart of the public! Every day we witness live scenes of camaraderie, strife, reconciliation, etc .. During a marriage with a former candidate, the fraternity always returned between the candidates!

Koh-Lanta: The candidates for the adventure were gathered for a party!

In 2001, Koh-Lanta landed on TF1’s antenna. This TV show is a sporting and adventurous competition that takes place in the jungle. The aim of the game is for the candidates to prove their courage in the face of obstacles, but also to survive the difficulties of life in nature. At the end, only one participant will be the title of the lucky winner !

Currently, Koh-Lanta has reached several broadcast seasons. But the love the audience has for this show always remains intact. Many viewers these days are frozen in front of their televisions while waiting for the rest of the adventure to find out which candidate has been eliminated and which one is coming to the post exam! A hell of a wait, but full of emotion!

Until this stage of the competition, the candidates from Koh-Lanta will have to undergo tough tests and various trying experiences. Like the trapdoors in the game, tricks, betrayal and tripping between competitors exists to spice up the competition. Which often leads to incessant conflicts and fighting situations live!

In addition, Koh-Lanta is also a beautiful meeting place. By sharing this shared experience, ties begin to form between the candidates. For some, a good friendship is born through this adventure. For others, it’s love! This leads to making commitments official! A former 2016 graduate invited his fairytale friends to his wedding!

Laurent Emilien’s wedding gathered the whole troupe!

Laurent Emilien alias Lau from the Koh-Lanta adventure was married on Friday, June 10, 2022. The celebration took place on the Butte Ronde estate, in La Boissière-École, in Yvelines. After a year of his courtship in Guadeloupe, the famous candidate for season 16 married his beloved Melyssa in front of all his relatives. He also invited all his friends from the adventure on TF1 to share his great happiness!

A rather surprising decision on Lau’s part! After 6 years, he still remembers his good old friends from that time! In addition, he also invited other candidates from other seasons. What generosity did this candidate from Koh-Lanta show! Especially thinking back on the latter’s betrayal that led to his elimination, Laurent Emilien ended up turning a blind eye to the situation!

In general, this party was a wonderful reunion between these adventurers from Koh-Lanta. In the photo posted by Jesta Hillmann on her Instagram account, we discovered that the latter was at the party with her companion Benoît. There were also Candice and Jérémy as well as Laurent Maistret and Béatrice. Basically, we see that it is couples who are formed through the adventure on TF1! One would even think that participating in the show was the darling of their love stories!

For the majority, they were even able to start their own familyat the end of the Koh-Lanta competition. It should be noted that this is the case for the couple Benoît and Jesta. After 7 years of marriage, they are still spinning the perfect love so far! Thanks to this association, they were able to give birth to their two beautiful boys, who are the pride of their marriage!

Koh-Lanta: The cradle of a friendship full of trust!

Despite the various twists and turns in the Koh-Lanta show, the participants in the adventure value each other well! Their reunion at this event at the end of the competition proves it! Although they are no longer required to rub themselves like in the fairy tale, they even maintain a beautiful relationship!

In addition, the adventurers from Koh-Lanta have trusted each other as close relatives for many years. Laurent Emiliens gestured by selecting Laurent Maistret as witness of his marriage reflects the trust and esteem he has for her! To thank him, in the 14th season, this candidate led the event’s dance floor!

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