The best sex games for couples

All couples need to renew their love vows to maintain their strength, whether they are in their infancy or whether they are celebrating their silver wedding. Although a couple’s sex life is only one of the many facets, it deserves attention. What are the best sex games for a couple? Experience Anne-Marie Ménard’s 12 naughty suggestions, professional in sexology*.

While the world of sex toys can be daunting, there are plenty of options on the market that can help you expand your sexual openness and spice up your relationship!

1. Sensual card game

“Communication is essential for optimizing the pleasure and intimate satisfaction of partners. There is a wealth of card games that are suitable both for young couples who want to discover themselves differently, and for mature couples who want to communicate better about their intimate and personal needs.

I hear many couples complain about being caught up in routine. Others just do not know how to convey their preferences or fantasies to their partner. I find that this kind of game can open discussions that had been closed for a long time. I love this kind of game! »

Anne-Marie’s proposal

  • The ultimate game for couplesavailable at Amazon to $ 34.99
  • Talk, flirt, dryavailable at Amazon to $ 24.50
  • OUR MOMENTSavailable at Amazon to $ 25.95

2. First sex toy

“When I try to include sex toys for the first time, I always suggest starting with toys that are not shaped like a body part. Avoid toys that have a phallic shape or look like a vulva. We can introduce more neutral toys that can satisfy both partners at the same time.You can also start by integrating a vibrator.We start by slowing down, massaging the body of our partner.This allows us to discover new sensations and new erogenous zones.

You need to go gradual to ensure that the response is positive from the partners involved. In that case, more toys can be introduced! We just have to be creative when we have it in our hands. »

Anne-Marie’s proposal

  • Entertaining, available at Eros and Company to $ 49.99
  • Personal massageravailable at Amazon to $ 25.99

3. Sex game for the long distance couple

“If you are in a long-distance relationship, or you are not living together, that’s fine! Sex toy companies have thought of everything. There are now toys that can be controlled remotely. Thus, partners can share intimate and fun moments, even if they are miles apart. Other toys for couples that are remotely controlled are “hands-free”.

Anne-Marie’s proposal

  • amoochooavailable at Amazon to $ 49.99
  • We Vibe Chorusavailable at Eros and Company to $ 229.99

4. Sexual play for female pleasure

“For people with vaginas, I recommend sex toys that have air pulse technology. This is an extremely popular groundbreaking technology. Sometimes, compared to the effects of cunnilingus, these sex toys indirectly stimulate the clitoris by gently pushing air over it. Many women report having their first orgasm from this toy.

Also, do not be afraid to invest in toys that stimulate the clitoris more, as nine out of ten women achieve orgasm thanks to external and direct stimulation of the clitoris. You can also go there for toys that offer more than one technology on the same object. »

Anne-Marie’s proposal

  • Sex toys with lollipops for women are available at Amazon
  • Suction vibrator for couples or for women, available at Amazon

5. Sex box

“Some people will feel the urge to explore a slightly bolder universe. Thus, there are several accessories to spice up the sex. Some boxes allow the couple to expand their repertoire of sexual practices, use creativity and create different sensory experiences. »

Anne-Marie’s proposal

  • Sex boxavailable at Amazon to $ 33.89

6. Erotic board games

“For partners who want to play or change their routine, erotic games are an excellent option. They set the table for a fun, fun evening. After a light meal and a small glass of wine, the erotic game can be used to start the evening differently. If some games emphasize sensuality, others will spice up sexual relationships, it’s about choosing the right game, according to your needs.

I think it’s a great entrance to discover or satisfy fantasies or sexual practices that are not normally part of the routine. »

Anne-Marie’s proposal

  • XXXopoly, available at Amazon
  • A game about love and intimacyavailable at Amazon to $ 22.99

* Curious to learn more? Anne-Marie Ménard shares free educational content on her Instagram platform In bed with Anne-Marie.

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