who were the wives of his life? PICTURES

Johnny Hallyday’s life has been eventful, full of heartache, one-night stands and marriages. Several times the Taulier married in a just marriage. Back in pictures of the unions that have shaped the rocker’s life.

Johnny Hallyday seduced with his unmistakable aura he has Broken heartsand got married on many occasions. The rocker, whose secret affair with Catherine Deneuve was recently revealed in Gilles Lhote’s new book, forever marked the life of each of those he married. Even today, more than two years after his death, Sylvie Vartanhis first wife, continues to mourn of her deceased ex-husband. “I still can not say to myself that he is not. To tell me that he is no more, to me it is completely unreal and surreal“, She confided a few months ago at the microphone of France info. It must be said that Sylvie Vartan experienced first impulses of love with Johnny in the 1960s, when she was not yet 20 years old.

Johnny and Sylvie Vartan: love and drumming

After delivering the first part of the rocker’s tour in 1962, the two young artists forged one friendship which quickly becomes true love story. Both starred in the film where are you from johnnyby Noël Howard, they sing their first duet together, With full heart. The public is not mistaken, alchemy is undeniable.

After romantic vacation in americathe singers decide to reveal the truth in broad daylight at the show’s microphone Southern Europestating that they are “almost engaged“It was on April 12, 1965, under the crackling flash of photographers and in front of a crowd gathered in a euphoric atmosphere, that Johnny Hallyday marries Sylvie Vartan in Loconvillea small town in Oise.

A year later they give birth to baby David. But couple of problems is starting to emerge and the disagreement between the spouses is no secret to the media. Le Taulier, swept away by the whirlwind of fame, went on to concerts and drunken evenings and became a absent father and a negligent husband. “We had a passionate relationship. We both wanted a child, but Johnny was perhaps too young and not quite ready to become a father, as I was already an old soul in relation to him.”Sylvie Vartan recalled in Gala.

Exhausted by his behavior, Sylvie Vartan divorce case and returns to live with his parents, only a month after the birth of their son. Crushed, Johnny locks himself in the bathroom of his apartment, cuts his veins and swallows barbiturates. It was his impresario Ticky Holgado who discovered him in time and save him of certain death.

The couple gave each other a chance and for more than ten years both lived a passionate love story, between quarrels and reconciliations, until their final divorce in November 1980.

Johnny and Babeth Étienne: A Quick Marriage

At the time of his separation from Sylvie Vartanin May 1980, Johnny goes to the wedding of his old friend Eddy Mitchell and meets there Babeth Etiennea model he immediately fell in love with. Shortly after their meeting, in December 1981, they married in Los Angeles … with divorce only three months later.

When we got divorced (…) she did not try to take advantage of the situation. Looking back, I realize she was one of the most dignified women of my life.“, He confided in the autobiography written with Amanda Sthers.

Johnny and Adeline Blondieau: marriage, remarriage and scandal

According to popular rumor, it exists Adeline Blondieau that Johnny sang his famous I promise you, released in 1986 when he tried to seduce the young woman, despite the twenty years that separated them. In 1990, when Johnny was 47 years old and Adeline Blondieau had not yet celebrated her 20th birthday, get married in Francebut was divorced two years later.

For the young actress who suddenly saw the spotlight shine on her, the shock of this new celebrity is rough. “It was very violent. Because I was 18, so I was very young, there was a very big age difference. And Johnny’s fans were very aggressive towards me. It was very difficult to be beaten, spat on, offended when we got home or when we left home“, she recalled recently in the show It starts today.

After a short separation, the lovers decide to give each other a chance. Their second marriage take place in Las Vegas in 1994. But once again, their marriage does not work. The divorced in 1995 and their love is extinguished forever.

Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday: Long Lasting Love

Shortly after separation from Adeline Blondieau, Johnny met Laeticia Boudou in Florida in 1995. They married a year later in Neuilly-sur-Seine, and it was Nicolas Sarkozy himself who stated their union. He’s 52, she’s 21. age difference makes talk and shocks some fans, but no matter what, for the two spouses, true love can not be prevented by criticism.

In November 2004, Johnny become a father again. They adopt little Jadewhich the rocker sings for My most beautiful Christmas. Four years later there is one little Joy that they welcome and it fills them with happiness. The couple now based in Los Angeleshappy days flow … until the Taulier breathes, one evening in December 2017.

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