“Why should I vote?” in the southern districts of Bastia, the deep disinterest of the inhabitants in the election

Disillusioned with the political world, uninterested or even completely unaware of the date of the election, the inhabitants of the southern districts of Bastia did not mobilize much for the first round of parliamentary elections: in some offices the turnout barely exceeded 27%.

Emmanuelle *, 23, sits on the steps of the entrance to her home Cité Aurore in Bastia, admitting it a little sheepishly: “I had forgotten that it was this Sunday, the election.

Like 55.4% of Corsicans, she did not vote in the first round of parliamentary elections on 12 June. In the southern districts of Bastia, where the young woman lives, these figures were even higher, reaching more than 72% failure in certain offices. For Emmanuelle, this oblivion is not surprising: educated, by her own admission, since her childhood in “everything rotten“of her parents the young woman says she is deeply uninterested”of politics, politics and everything that is about“.

Furthermore, it is useless to ask him who the qualified candidates are in his constituency: “I do not know, and I do not need to know. At least it will not change anything, neither for me nor for anyone in here. So what ?

Disillusioned are Samir *, Zouhir * and their friends too. Sitting a little further on the terrace of a bar, a few steps from the house in the southern districts, these workers in the construction industry this Tuesday morning take a break to sip mint with water and lemon juice squeezed in shelter from 6 p.m. the sun. The legislative choices, they follow them at a distance, with no intention of interfering. “Why should I vote? Zouhir breathes. The only ones who get anything out of these choices are the candidates, not us. “

To next to him Samir nods. The 30-year-old describes the candidates’ ball at each election period, “suddenly interested in meeting us. They come to see us during their campaign, they chat with us at the café, and they ask us: what do you need? But what we need, they have been asking us for 40 years and 40 years that nothing has changed. So we do not tell them anything.

When they get to my table at the cafe, I get up and leave“, Zouhir exclaims.”They are never interested in us and they come when it suits them to win votes. They do not really want to improve our daily lives, just their number of voters. “

What we need, they have been asking us for 40 years and 40 years that nothing has changed. So we do not tell them anything.

Here in Lupinu, there are many ways to improve neighborhood life, the two friends believe. “It’s only buildings and concrete, we have nothing, not even a park for the kids.“Samir points to two small children running on the asphalt a few feet further.”Look at them, they have nothing to do there. It’s not for them. Me, I have 3 children. To get them to play, I have to go further. Afterwards we hear that the Lupinu kids are bullies, scum. But by growing up in cafes instead of in games, they will obviously go bad.

Legislative, presidential, municipal … National and regional elections, Samir and Zouhir have not voted for many years. “When I was young, I voted a little. But the state and the politicians disgusted me“, sums up the first. An attitude is shared by many of their relatives.”With me it’s simple, no voices, Zouhir slice. We all have nothing to do with these people. It’s always the same story, everything repeats itself from crisis to crisis.

Samir’s family also did not go to the polls on Sunday “except maybe my sisters, I’m not sure. Everyone is free to do what they want … But ask the majority of people here, no one is going to vote.

He takes his example from the various customers who were present this morning at the bar. “She is 82 years old and has a very small retirement. If her son did not help her, she would not cope. She’s like us, she’s tired of voting. Hi mhe continues, pointing to a man moving with difficulty, aided by a cane, he has almost 300 euros in assistance per month. What has been done for them all that time?

For me, it’s simple, no votes. We all have nothing to do with these people.

The two friends will not vote in the second round either. Today completely “vaccinated“from the political world, the candidates would have a hard time convincing them to stop murmuring at the ballot box.”If they build parks here, facilities for children in the neighborhood, if there were changes for them in general, it could make me want to vote again“, Samir wears. Zouhir, he’s harder in business:”for 500,000 euros I vote“, He starts in an outburst of laughter before getting up.

It’s the end of the coffee break, and the return to work for the two workers. Samir and Zouhir follow advice: “Ask José, he is a specialist. He can also explain to you why he does not want to vote.“Sitting at a small table, his coffee just served, smiles José Bastiani, 70, as he greets them.

Former baker-confectioner, now in charge “from the city’s PMU bar“, he claims to have never voted. José Bastiani does not lack political awareness:”I introduced myself a long time ago in front of the mayor of my village in Bisinchi. It’s not that I’m not interested, it’s that we no longer trust the men who are in it. “

He is convinced thatall of them, they lie a lot and tell everything and anything. Before, there were at least political lines, right, left and center, but now they all eat. One day’s enemies are the next day’s friends, if that can secure them somewhere. And me, I want to fight for such some people? No I will not.

These parliamentary elections,I was interested in it from a distance, I did not even look at the results of the first round. When the candidates come here – it happens from time to time – to touch my hand, I do not tell them that I do not vote, I listen to those who speak to me. They do their job as I do mine, but that will not convince me to vote. I do not know if one day could motivate me to do so.

Far from worrying about the name of their future deputy, customers on the terrace keep quenching their thirst quietly. Campaign or no election campaign, in their opinion, things will not change in any case. And with the arrival of summer, “we have better things to do on Sunday than to vote“.

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