Denis Brogniart describes himself as a “psychopathic father”

The iconic host of the flagship Koh-Lanta show turns out to be a “very family man”. Together with his wife of almost 20 years, Denis Brogniart sees his children grow up through family rituals that seem to keep the family more than united.

Denis Brogniart, who is from the old school, shows firmness when it comes to his children. The host protects them from the limelight and also imposes on them strict rules based only on good intentions.

However, the family is united thanks to certain rituals performed each time the host has to be absent for the recordings of the show. Experience the details of the Brogniart family’s life, made up of challenges and precious moments.

The French TF1 journalist Denis Brogniart, France. | Source: Getty Images


The journalist and presenter did not think he would open up to love so soon after coming out of an abrupt breakup with the mother of his first child, Dimitri.

In 2003, when Denis Brogniart thought he was on yet another innocent mission to present the morning sports newspaper at LCI, he had no idea he was going to meet the woman with whom he would share so much happiness: Hortense.

Within a week, the two journalists realized the chemistry that had been created between them. Beyond that, Denis saw potential in her. He therefore does not hesitate to give her an offer that would not only satisfy her adventurous spirit, but which would also materialize their romantic idyll worthy of a novel.

French TV host Denis Brogniart during the French Ligue 1 match between Paris Saint Germain and Nice at the Parc des Princes on December 11, 2016 in Paris, France. | Source: Getty Images

“I said to him, ‘Either you stay in the LCI studios, or you take me to Panama. She preferred to come to Panama,'”

remembered the presenter on the set of “Hello earthlings” (C8) in 2017.

Thus during the filming of Koh Lanta: Bocas Del Toro in Panama, Hortense had become friends with the entire team. In relation to the facilitator, this friendship was the beginning of a love story.

“Our story is born there, around a good little local dish in a little restaurant lost in the middle of nowhere”,

he recalled during an interview for 50 Minutes Inside (TF1) with Nikos Aliagas.

Journalist Denis Brogniart participates in the 2015 French Open Tennis Roland Garros – 2nd day on May 25, 2015 in Paris, France. | Source: Getty Images

If the facilitator is now proud to reveal the happiness he shares with his wife Hortense, this has not always been the case. From the same point of view at the beginning of their relationship, the couple had chosen a love that was to be protected from the gaze of the public. So they decided to keep it a secret. To find each other, Denis and Hortense had to play strategists and use the best tricks to “not be revealed”.

This love, however, was so evident that it did not take long before it was revealed. Despite the concern of the lovers, the news was happily received by their loved ones.

Nineteen years later, this happiness grows for two only. Together with their three teenage daughters, Denis and Hortense continue to defy life’s path, hand in hand.

Celebrities at the 2009 Roland Garros Tournament in Paris, France, May 26, 2009 – Denis Brogniat and his wife Hortense. | Source: Getty Images


Far from the limelight, the Brogniart family lives a peaceful life of five. The parents, married in 2007, welcome the twins in 2005, bearing the first names Lili and Violette, followed by the youngest of siblings, Blanche. But before the reception of their three daughters, the Brogniart couple already enjoyed the happiness of being the parents of a child, Dimitri, the firstborn of Denis from his previous relationship.

Denis goes on to present the TF1 program, which is so popular with the public, Koh-Lanta, while Hortense, after finishing his career as a journalist for years, is engaging in his new occupation around taxidermy.

Denis Brogniart will attend the premiere of the film “Le Mans 66” at the Cinema Gaumont Champs Elysées on October 6, 2019 in Paris, France. | Source: Getty Images

“Nothing surprising for this lover of nature and animals (…) She loved taking her mother to Deyrolle, the stuffed animal temple in the 7th arrondissement of Paris”,

told Paris Match, explaining how overtaking had been a long-standing passion for Blanche’s mother.

It is out of the question for the protective father, Denis Brogniart, to expose this peaceful family life on the networks, as this may compromise it. However, he does not hesitate to give a small glimpse of it from time to time, as in August 2020, when the host shared a snapshot of the four women in his life on Instagram.

Under a beautiful description that said: “My 4 princesses!”, The proud father of Violette and Lili showed a picture of his wife, Hortense, with his three daughters, Violette, Lili and Blanche, all from behind, in the middle of nature. ..

The joy of being a parent certainly knows no bounds and pushes Dénis to accept even the most dangerous challenges. In December 2020, the host shared another snapshot on Instagram, sharing an accepted challenge without forgetting to mention his kids.

“Ephemeral swimming this afternoon in the Atlantic Ocean at Belle Île! Water temperature: 12 degrees! Air temperature: 8 degrees. I promise I only did it to impress my kids! 😉 by the way, my son declined my invitation! ”,

he said in the description.

TV host Denis Brogniart and his wife Hortense will participate in the 2019 French Open Tennis – Day 12 at Roland Garros on June 6, 2019 in Paris, France. | Source: Getty Images


Denis Brogniart was able to answer this question. Since his job requires him to be absent for nearly 50 days each time the adventure game followed by thousands of viewers, Koh-Lanta, is filmed, the host has created a family ritual that seems, a little bit, eases the farewells.

“Before my departure on the set to Koh-Lanta, every time, the day before or the day before, we have a restaurant with the family. But the real routine is that I take the time, in a handwritten way, to write a long letter. to each of my children ”,

explained the host to the magazine Au Féminin.

An ingenious way when Denis Brogniart had understood that it was not “always easy to talk”, especially not with teenagers in full swing. Thus, the father of four children fills his letters with tenderness and love, making sure to include goals he must make during his absence. For his part, the host is always surprised to find “a little note that they have hidden” in his bag during these departures.

“We are a family where we write a lot”,

added Denis Brogniart to come and confirm the effectiveness and all the sweetness of this family ritual.

French TF1 journalist Denis Brogniart during the press conference to publish the French rugby team list for the 2019 World Cup at TF1 on September 2, 2019 in Boulogne-Billancourt, France. | Source: Getty Images

At the same time, when he is not forced to be thousands of miles away from his family, Denis is conscious of spending time with them. For the animator, family is a priority. But to take full advantage of the time to spend with each other, there are rules that must be respected in the Brogniart house, such as the ban on not leaving the bed until after 1 p.m.

“We tell ourselves that in order to deserve to do nothing in the afternoon, you need an active Sunday morning,”

insisted Denis Brogniart, who described himself as a “psychopath” but would really only see that his children can feel the “absolute happiness” of being reunited as a family.

There are the experiences in life that call back to the essentials. For Denis Brogniart, he often had to be absent to feel the happiness of the time he spent with his family. To fully experience this happiness, he demonstrates a conscious effort to organize his life around his priority: the family. Tell us in the comments what reminds you of the essentials?

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