Drucker balances on their “atypical couple”

Julie Gayet and François Hollande form a “totally atypical couple” according to Michel Drucker, who revealed their marriage in “Gala”. The actress has also revealed that she recorded a song for her husband! As for Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine, she offered a beautiful gift for the young bride …

Julie Gayet offered a beautiful proof of love to François Hollande. The actress recorded a number for her! “It’s a song I have busy to the man I love“, She confided modestly, on the set of Telematin June 16. It is thanks to her friend Benjamin Biolay that the actress was able to give him this gift. “I go to a studio with him, and at one point he says, ‘Do you want to record something?’ I answer him ‘It would only be for one person, is that possible?’“, she confided in the show, before specifying, to the annoyance of the curious:”Benjamin put it in a small box and it never comes out“.

Marriage between Gayet and Holland: a great absence

It was wonderful“, said Julie Gayet on Gala about her recent marriage to François Hollande. Always on a small cloud, the actress hides magical memories of their union in Tulle on June 4 in the company (among others) with their family, of Benjamin Biolay or even the former Secretary-General of the Élysée Palace of François Hollande, Jean-Pierre Jouyet. An intimate ceremony to which some relatives of the couple were not invited. Michael Druckerfor example, learned about the parrots “in the press, just like everyone else«, He confided Gala.

Michel Drucker turns on the “atypical couple”

I sent my congratulations to François Hollande and he responded immediately. It’s an unexpected marriage too many, I think. They are a very discreet couple.”The presenter added Can’t wait until Sunday.

According to Michel Drucker, the former president and actress of the republic fit in particularly well! “I have to say I find this completely atypical couple. They are funny, one and the other. François Hollande is too the man who makes me laugh the most in this environment. They go well together, for they are both sparkling with intelligence. To me, it’s not a power couple, everyone is working on their side. Moreover, if they have eaten together once with me in Paris, I would rather see them separately.“, he explained.

François Hollande’s “beautiful offer” to Julie Gayet

François Hollande, who never wanted to marry his former companions, who Ségolène Royal or Valérie Trierweiler, proves his special love for Julie Gayet by taking the plunge. “Marry Julie Gayet the day after her 50th birthday and give her what he did not give to the other women who shared his life, it is a very nice gift. This is going to crown a relationship that has been established over time.“, Said psychoanalyst Sabine Callegari.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine: her wedding gift to Julie Gayet in C à Vous

just married, Julie Gayet, who celebrated her 50th birthday the day before the ceremony, was invited Wednesday, June 8, to the show It’s up to you. Come to promote his film music festival Twin sisters taking place in Rochefort from 22 to 25 June, the actress did not address the issue of her marriage to the former head of state. But it was without counting Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, who at the very end of the program made a brief allusion to it …

While the set’s guests had turned up to embark on the game with the traditional final image, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine suddenly rose from her seat to seek delicate attention to the actress.Congratulations dear Julie! “, launched the facilitator. “I had a bouquet for you. All our best wishes from the entire C-team to you. We kiss you, she wanted. A gesture that touched Julie Gayet, a little embarrassed but delighted.

Julie Gayet and François Hollande: an intimate wedding in Tulle

Julie Gayet and François Hollande said “yes” to the Tulle City Hall in Corrèze on 4 June, according to information revealed by The mountain. After 8 years together, the couple decided to seal their love by getting married. The ceremony took place in the strictest privacy in the presence of their relatives, but also of certain celebrities such as the singer Benjamin Biolay who had taken the trip.

This is the second marriage for the actress, who had already married Argentine writer and screenwriter Santiago Amigorena, with whom she remained in a relationship for 16 years before divorcing in 2006. From their marriage, two boys were born, Tadeo , 23 years and Ezekiel. , 22. As to the former Head of State, father of 4 children, Thomas Hollande born in 198, Clémence Hollande born in 1986, Julien Hollande born in 1987 and Flora Hollande born in 1992, from his previous relationship with Ségolène Royal, this is her first marriage.

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