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If you’ve been a part of the cryptosphere at some point, you should have heard of Ether (ETH), the crypto of the Ethereum blockchain. Know that it can now be bought and traded on, Canada’s first cryptocurrency exchange.

By adding ETH, the Canadian exchange, which previously only offered Bitcoin (BTC), is now an obvious choice for anyone looking for where and how to buy these two cryptocurrencies with the greatest market value. Customers can thus benefit from the bear market without having to worry about technical issues and complicated procedures, as the platform prides itself on having a very user-friendly and intuitive approach. Read on to find out why should be an obvious choice for any Canadian resident looking for an easy way to buy BTC and ETH.

What are ETH’s proposals?

Although one might think that there is almost nothing in the crypto world as big as BTC – and it is there in a way, if we refer to the valuation of this crypto – ETH still offers a number of features that BTC does not have. ETH is also more than interesting features and innovations. For example, its original blockchain network, Ethereum, is programmable and hosts multiple applications (usually called decentralized applications or dApps), this includes access points to decentralized financial markets (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT) markets.

All of this is not possible with Bitcoin because its network is simply designed as a payment system and not as a complete ecosystem for a wide range of utility cases. For many, this is an advantage that Ethereum has over Bitcoin, but it obviously depends on personal preferences and expectations one may have for the cryptosphere.

Ethereum has been around since 2014, though it was announced in 2013 through a White Paper by one of its founders, Vitalik Buterin, who wanted to address some of the things he saw as potential ways to improve the fundamentals that Bitcoin had already introduced. . In a way, Ethereum succeeded, but also ushered in a new era of blockchain, where many projects that are similar or trying to offer an alternative to Ethereum flourish. On the other hand, Ethereum remains the largest of them all, with an incredibly active community and a development team constantly working on new updates, the largest of which aims to make it greener in the near future.

Why choose is the preferred choice for many Canadian residents, and with good reason: the service is very easy to use, requires little or no technical knowledge (And if you ever get stuck, you can get help in various ways on the platform, including through a very useful YouTube channel). The platform is aimed at users with all levels of cryptocurrency experience. The buying process for BTC and ETH is extremely fast and the site is easy to navigate as the user is guided through the buying process. also offers Canadian corporate accounts, regardless of the size of your business, that can help your business expand its portfolio (now also with ETH!) And diversify into promising new industries. if that is the path you choose to take.

Another great advantage of over many other cryptocurrency exchanges on the market is that it is a non-custodian exchange. This means that there is no crypto wallet available on the platform – or in the custody of the platform, hence the term – making it much less likely that it will become a target for a hack. Plus, with their transparency and ease of use, you can be sure they always have your interests at heart. It is always better to be your own bank so that only you have the private keys to effectively protect your cryptocurrencies.

If you want to buy large quantities, you will be happy to know that the exchange does not charge fees for orders over 350 CAD. For smaller orders, the fee structure is very transparent, while at the same time being an incentive for larger orders.

To learn more about the exchange, what it offers and how it works, visit its website! You can also sign up right away by using this link to quickly get BTC and ETH into your wallet.

Warning: This article is promotional content and does not constitute investment advice. Do your own research and invest only the money you can afford to lose.

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