Experience the eight potential farmers in the 11th season of Love is in the eng

This Thursday morning, Noovo revealed who are the eight potential farmers who could be part of the next and eleventh season of Love is in the meadow.

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At the same time, the registrations are therefore also open, and it is therefore the five farmers who will have received the most serious inquiries from suitors who are selected.

Without further ado, here are the eight potential farmers in the 11th season of Love is in the meadow:

1) Anne-Sophie (24 years old / Neuville, Capitale-Nationale / producer of beef, poultry and maple syrup)


Anne-Sophie grew up on the family farm and produced cattle, poultry and maple syrup. Since completing her studies in agriculture, she has worked there full time. With a natural entrepreneurial spirit in her, she has a desire to develop the company through various projects. When she thinks about both her family and future generations, her family values ​​are the foundation of everything she does. Determined and ambitious, she is also socially involved in her region. Very generous, she likes to give back to her community. In addition to her many contributions, she enjoys training to maintain peace of mind. Single for two and a half years, she is now looking to share her daily life with a simple guy, smiling, good with her hands and as hardworking as she is. Burned by projects and overflowing with energy, she is looking for a man who knows where he is going, who will eventually start a family, and who shares her passion for agriculture.

2) Marc-Antoine (27 years old / Saint-Philémon, Chaudière-Appalaches / Dairy and maple syrup producer)


Marc-Antoine has been involved with the farm since he was little and has always wanted to take over. He works with his father and spends most of his time with animals. Family values ​​are important to him. It is also his sister, whom he stands very close to, who has enrolled him in L’AMOUR EST DANS LE PRÉ. In gatherings with friends or family, one can often see him with a child in his arms. Hardworking, careful and sensitive, he loves to laugh and enjoy life. He’s a gangster and he likes the simple things like fireworks with friends and snowmobiling in the winter. Have a small beer in the sound box Collect with a background of country music is synonymous with a perfect moment for him. Single for three years, he is looking for a simple woman with whom he can see a lasting future. He wants to meet an honest and loyal girl who will be ready to come and settle in his region and, if she wants, work with him on the farm eventually.

3) Nicolas (42 years / Lac-du-Cerf, Laurentide / Hay producer and horse farm)


Nicolas grew up in Montreal and has always had a family cabin at Lac-du-Cerf in the Laurentians region. A few years ago he had had enough of the town and decided to buy land at Lac-du-Cerf. He cleared everything and built his own barn and pasture. He has therefore been a farmer for a short time and loves his new lifestyle, which allows him to exploit his love of nature and his manual side. Nicolas made his comes out at the age of 24. He is looking for a man who will be willing to settle on his ranch; a faithful, independent, financially independent man who is as passionate and curious as he is. Inspired by his grandmother, a former mayor, he was in turn elected mayor of the municipality a year ago. He likes to get involved in his community and wants to revitalize the village and offer its people more services. In addition to his passion for renovation, he enjoys hunting, fishing and traveling. Nicolas has a natural entrepreneurial line. He is by nature very curious by nature, passionate, mocking and charismatic.

4) Robert (27 years old / Howick, Montérégie / Dairy and field crop producer)


Robert always knew he wanted to take over the family’s dairy farm. He works on it with his parents and takes care primarily of the work in the fields. He is always ready to put his family first and his loved ones can count on him at any time. He is a resourceful, curious, ingenious guy who is not afraid to let go of his madness when you know him. He is sociable and likes to get involved; he is part of an agricultural club and plays often deck hockey. Single for five years, he wants to meet a girl who wants the same family values ​​as him, an outgoing girl who wants to take the lead and make him discover new things. As he is a bit introverted and reserved for first impressions, he has a hard time meeting girls, but he feels really ready to invest in a relationship, meet the woman of his life and start a family. He is therefore looking for a girl who will come and settle in his house where he lives alone.

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5) Elisabeth (24 years old / Saint-Gabriel-de-Rimouski, Bas-Saint-Laurent / Beef producer and horse farm)


Elisabeth had never had contact with the way of farming before her father bought land in Saint-Gabriel-de-Rimouski. After a trip to Australia, she fell in love with farming while working on a ranch. When she returned, she decided to devote herself to the farm full time; she trains her horses and takes in retirees while she produces beef. She is a big lover of the equestrian world and competes on barrels, allowing her to travel across the province. Dynamic and active, she is always ready to try new outdoor activities and exercise. Elisabeth is looking for a charismatic and brave guy who will be ready to accept her lifestyle and who will share her same family values. After growing up in a family of four children, she strives to reproduce the model that her parents have passed on. She would like to meet a guy who can give her a hand on the farm and follow her in her crazy experiments.

6) Tommy (25 years old / Baie-du-Febvre, Center-du-Québec / Dairy and field crop producer)


Tommy is part of the fourth generation of the family farm and he always knew he would take over. Last year, he and his family went through a major ordeal: The farm burned down completely, and we had to start all over again. So they built a new barn with more modern and robotic facilities that completely changed their quality of life. Smiling and positive, Tommy spreads a good mood around him. Athlete at heart, he loves to play hockey, deck hockey and train. He also appreciates the little evenings and that wrinkles boat trip with friends at sunset. He is also a big travel enthusiast and is inspired by the culture of other places to constantly evolve. Single for three and a half years, he is looking for a mocking and accomplice girl who he can tease. He has reached a stage in his life where he wants to have a stable and lasting relationship based on honesty and loyalty. He imagines himself in a few years with a family, and he already anticipates joint projects that he will be able to share with his better half.

7) Guillaume (38 years old / Rivière-Ouelle, Bas-Saint-Laurent / milk producer)


Guillaume grew up on the family’s dairy farm in Rivière-Ouelle. He decided to leave his village to work on another field for a few years before returning to the business and taking over the farm. A very simple and sensitive man, he appreciates small benevolent attention. Tapper, he always has a project in mind, and he takes what he takes on very seriously. A little shy at first glance, he considers himself to have a two-sided personality. At work, he is extremely serious and rigorous, while together with his friends and in groups he likes to let go of his madness and appreciate the small joys of life. Single for a few years, he is looking for a smiling, understanding and hardworking woman who will appreciate the tranquility and beauty of the region. After growing up in a large family of four children, he would like to start a family in shifts, but he is still aware that he is getting older. The important thing for him at this stage of his life is to find a partner, an accomplice, with whom he can share his dream.

8) Olivier (20 years old / La Baie, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean / Dairy and field crop producer)


Originally from Mirabel, Olivier has always been part of the farming lifestyle. When he was younger, his parents had a pig farm, but he spent all his summers on the family’s dairy farm in La Baie. Two years ago, after completing his studies in farming, he decided to take the plunge and officially settle in Saguenay to take over the family farm. Very energetic, Olivier likes to exert himself in sports. He wants to maintain a healthy life balance by playing hockey and deck hockey, and goes for a walk near his fields. Single for a year, he is looking for a young woman as passionate as him; an energetic and determined girl who wants to follow him in his projects and who wants to understand his reality as a farmer. Despite his young age, he believes in love forever and he is ready to work on his relationship. He wants to build a relationship like his grandparents, for whom the love continues year after year.

To see their video portraits (and sign up if one of these people has caught your eye!), It’s here!

Love is in the meadow will be back next winter at Noovo.

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