Leaving without your children on holiday: how to prepare them for the separation ??

You have planned vacations, without your children. It’s a first. How will they react? Each child has their own character, their own fears and their own worries, so it is not easy to predict their reaction in case of a longer departure. Some will ask for more phone calls a day, while others on the contrary will even be happy with this taste of independence. Nevertheless, in order to hope to make the most of your vacation, make sure your little one is comfortable with the thought of your departure and ready to spend those few days without your presence.

Break up for a weekend

While it may be common sense before planning a stay over a week or two, it is better to try it over a shorter period of time, e.g. a weekend. That way, you get plenty of time to see if your child knows how to thrive in your absence, or if, on the contrary, it is constantly asking to call you. If he ignores you or is angry when you return, see together how you can improve things for the next time. Maybe if you bring him a memory back, or if you call him with reasonable frequency, he will live this separation better.

A short stay is also a good way to test the chemistry with the person or people holding it. Spending an afternoon with your grandparents is not the same as sleeping at home with them and sharing breakfast with them! Your child may also simply get bored in your absence, in which case organizing a few activities outside would quickly tip the scales.

Leave at the right time

Everyone wants to go on holiday when it suits them, but in practice it is already difficult to make their holiday coincide with their spouse’s holiday, for the right time, it’s another story … However, it is important to try to choose a “quiet” period for your child. If he is going to kindergarten, or if he is in the middle of separation anxiety, it seems more reasonable to choose another time. On the other hand, if he spends his days in kindergarten or school, or even if he is used to being cared for all day by a daycare worker, he will suffer less during your absence than if you leave him at home. his grandparents throughout the school holiday period. Maybe you can also make the dates of your stay coincide with the dates of a summer camp …

Listen to him and reassure him

A child may grumble or get angry when you announce your upcoming departure, just as it may on the contrary seem indifferent, but that does not mean that it does not feel some anxiety. While his reaction may seem surprising, you need to understand that he may feel abandoned, stressed, or unloved. That is why it is important to reassure him. Tell him how many “sleeps” you are going to, put them on a calendar, maybe he will then discover that you will not be away that long. Also explain to him what awaits him during your trip, who he will be staying with and the activities he will be able to do. If he is expected to stay with his grandparents, they will definitely pamper him … If he expresses fear, do not minimize them and keep an eye out. Also, remember to remind him that you love him very much and that just because you are leaving with your spouse does not mean that you stop thinking about him. To make sure he does not feel outside, you can also ask him to help you pack so he feels like he is part of the trip.

Prepare for separation

In order for these first “real” vacations without your little one to go well, you also need to be calm before departure. Children are real emotional sponges, which is not always an advantage. All you have to do is stress over the thought of leaving, worry about leaving him for a period that is a little out of the ordinary so that he can feel your negative emotions and also start to develop some kind of anxiety . If, after reflection, you tell yourself that you do not really want to leave and that you are afraid of these few days spent away from your child, it may be better to postpone your romantic holiday. Yes, spending a holiday wondering if your child is fine, wanting to call him constantly and look at his pictures with nostalgia, is far from being a piece of cake. No one will blame you if you decide to cancel!

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