SC Pamiers (National 2): ​​a general meeting between fear and hope

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The general meeting of Appamean SC (National 2), Friday evening at 18.00, Espace Balussou, will ratify the resignation of President Jean-Philippe Sannac. Over the past few hours, many have struggled behind the scenes to save the club.

There are dates that mark life in a club. This Friday, June 17, 2022 could be one of them for the Appamean Sporting Club. The general meeting is eagerly awaited. For many weeks, Jean-Philippe Sannac had been trying to raise the necessary budget for Damiers to develop into National 2. He failed. On Tuesday, he confirmed his decision to resign as chairman of the association. It will be formalized this Friday night, from 6 p.m. 18.00, Espace Balussou. President Sannac should not be present.

The players mobilize

Since this last announcement, major maneuvers have been launched internally to save what can still be saved. Even without Jean-Philippe Sannac, SCA must survive. All good wishes are received. At the forefront of this rescue movement are the players themselves. Along with the number of leaders. As La Dépêche indicated in its edition of this Thursday, June 16, the club could return to Federal 1 if it did not agree to access National 2 due to a budget that was too limited. It is now this option that is on the table. Everything is now possible. Going back to a division still under? And why not. In the club, everyone has understood that it is now necessary to “save” the young people and try to perpetuate everything that has been built for many years. Build on what has been done and done well, and restart the machine as well as possible, almost day by day. Ironically, the SCA training center was officially branded today. As a link between the thriving Damiers youth and the first team. As a summary of the issue of the general meeting Friday night.

David Bégu ready to fight to accompany the new adventure in SCA.
MDD. – Sebastien Batteux.

“It’s disturbing and destabilizing”

Astonished, the leadership of Checkers and the players have been in recent hours learning about their president’s verdict. David Bégu, appointed SCA head coach for next year in National 2, learned the news while taking a week off, “the first in two years. On the phone, we feel discouragement and anger over the situation.” It’s complicated because we are has been let down by everyone. For two years everything has been put in place for SCA to reach this level. Today it is disturbing and destabilizing for the whole club to find themselves without any response. Many said they thought the president was bluffing .Sorry it’s not a scam. Yes, players will probably go, but we’re still waiting for the general meeting. I have a lot of bitterness. Finding oneself to let go of that way of institutions is complicated. we are all ready to make an effort. “
The love for the white and black sweater really exists. Behind the scenes, some do not want to resign with the inevitable. Go away, yes, but with whom, with what money? “I, I am ready to go back to Federal 1,” continues David Bégu. We have a project to start. In Pamiers, there is a huge potential. Dropping everything today is not possible. We had a dream, but we realize it was not everyone’s dream. I do not understand it. We were so close to achieving something great. With the staff, we had anticipated everything. At the end of June, we will gather all the club units to talk about the project. And the training start for the first team is scheduled for July 5th. It’s a situation I do not know about. It’s incredible, Ariège has a rugby culture. But we still want to fight. I think of all the kids at rugby school. We want to be united. We did not do all this for nothing. »
The agreement is set for at. 18.00 Friday night, Espace Balussou. The future of SCA will be decided. He is now hanging in a thread. But the hope is still there.

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