The Association of Migennois Leisure Centers (ACLM) is fighting to recruit animators this summer

If the health crisis has since subsided, the leisure centers in Migennois (ACLM) have so far not regained their usual reception capacity. “For two years, we had to reduce our reception meter because we did not have a dining room where all children could have lunch, due to the distance rules imposed,” says the association’s chairman, Didier Jacquemain.

Despite the fact that these limitations have disappeared, the latter now faces another problem in terms of organization. “Today we do not have a sufficient number of animators to monitor the various activities. We had to recruit four more candidates.”

The impact of the health crisis

Unlike out-of-school or out-of-school collective reception, leisure centers are generally supervised by volunteers or volunteers. But in recent years, the number of people trained in Bafa (Certificate of Suitability for the Facilitator Function) has been in free fall, with 31,000 patented in 2020 against 43,000 in 2019.

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For Didier Jacquemain, this decline in attractiveness would especially come from the fallout from the health crisis. “The course must last at least eighteen months with three internships of a total of twenty-eight days. A year is largely necessary for their completion. But the first confinement turned everything upside down. We ran out of enrollments in the program, and it is undeniably noticeable. Today.”

A sector victim of the economic recovery

The association’s chairman also points to the economic context in the country. “The lack of staff is highlighted by the fact that we are in an economic recovery. We have a great demand from parents who need us to look after their children while they are at work. They also want them to discover collective outdoor activities, after the period of health crisis and the various incarcerations.

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However, solutions can help break the stalemate. “Exceptionally, the supervision fees for this summer 2022 should be relaxed as an exception. For today, 50% of the team must be fully trained to report stays in leisure centers and 30% in progress. It is not necessary to have children supervised by anyone, but certain missions can be performed by young people who pass their Bafa, especially those who have completed their entire course but have not yet passed before the final jury. “

“We are not going to fully open the leisure base because we lack animators”

Meanwhile, the association of Migennois leisure center had to revise the organization of the summer calendar. “Between July and August, due to staff shortages, we will not be able to open the holiday home completely. In general, we have groups of children at camp for four nights as part of activities around nature and sustainable development. Yesterday we decided to reduce these stays from one to two. nights to allow all children to stay the minimum at the campsite.

As for activities, they remain largely maintained. “We pay special attention to recruiting and training young animators. For example, we have set up a course called: Young Assistant Animators. It often consists of 16-year-old high school students who want to discover the subject. Do not have the same responsibilities as the animators, but they are coming to strengthen the ranks this summer. “

Lucas Mollard

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