The EXIT festival launches two NFT collections

Ahead of the long-awaited EXIT festival taking place in Novi Sad, Serbia, the two-time winner of the award for best major European festival launches two new NFT collections on 20 and 21 June.

Many events have started launching NFT collections or other Web 3.0 related projects, but here the EXIT festival fully absorbs the blockchain mentality and gives us a unique experience.

After selling its first HEADPHONE NFT collection in May, EXIT goes even further into Metaverse, collaborating with the famous model, pilot and human rights activist – Christina Carmela as well as DJ and producer – MACEO PLEX. EXIT’s new NFT collections combine groundbreaking digital art with spectacular real-life experiences, making them unique in the NFT world.

EXIT’s NFTs also provide access to the meta-verse, where the festival experience is enhanced and widely accessible, connecting virtual and real-world communities. In fact, more and more projects are using NFTs as a bridge between digital and physical.

We will always strive to provide the best possible experience in real life, as we are convinced that human connection and energy can never be replaced. We see the meta-verse as a complement to, but by no means a substitute for, the human experience. That’s why we use digital technology to enhance the real-world experience while combining the best of both worlds.. », Explains Dusan Kovacevic, founder and CEO of Exit Festival.

The EXIT festival highlights a particularly important point in the development of a hyper-connected and Web 3.0 world. These new experiences always give participants more options and choices, but should not replace physical experiences. Here we integrate additional elements for holders of digital assets. Sonar Festival also announced a collection of NFTs for its 26e editing.

EXITFestival NFT
source: EXIT festival

NFTs will give their owners access to exclusive, secret and VIP areas at the EXIT Festival, access to the MTS Dance Arena stage, meet world music stars, attend private parties, as well as provide merchandise boxes, exclusive video and audio content in form ofairdrop.

NFTs also include digital fashion items, Maceo Plex’s glasses and Christina Carmela’s wings that you can put on your metaverse avatar.

We are passionate about strengthening community relations and strengthening synergies between people. Our mission is to unite artists, music industry professionals and key stakeholders and organize them as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) in Metaverse. We believe that the future lies in this unit and our goal is to enter Metaverse together. said Mr Kovacevic,

The SHADES collection launches on June 21, World Music Day. The WINGS collection launches the day before, June 20th. On the same day, a limited number of new items are available for mint will be added to the already sold out HEADPHONES collection. All collections will be available for sale at the eco-friendly SolSea NFT Marketplace.

EXIT festival is therefore very strong this year by fully integrating the codes from Web 3.0 in its development of NFT, and offers participants a physical and digital experience that will definitely inspire many other events.

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