The positive, the negative: what local football, rugby, basketball and handball leaders remember from the first post-Covid season

The championships could all end this season 2021-2022. And that was, in fact, the primary goal of amateur sports leaders after the Covid-19 health crisis. But not all the lights are green yet.


The positiveThe Yonne football district exceeded 10,700 licensees in 2018-2019, one season after the World Cup. “If we take the overall statistics, we can only be satisfied, as we have found everyone,” welcomes Christophe Cailliet, the district president. we have even exceeded.What we are very happy about is the reception of small children: We have many, many children coming towards us.And we are happy because AJA is giving us a big promotion for football in Yonne! When we have a good locomotive, it arouses even more interest in football. “

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The negative“Where we are in more difficulty is in the world of judges. We are fighting to recruit and retain our judges,” notes Christophe Cailliet.

In icaunais football, the consequences of the crisis are felt on a voluntary level. “It is not numerically translated. If we just look at the statistics, we have as many volunteers as before. On the other hand, we know that voluntary investments are very different,” explains Christophe Cailliet. The archetype of the volunteer who worked from Friday night to Sunday night, we do not find him anymore.The crazy ones that we wondered if they did not sleep in the locker rooms at night, they are about to disappear.Now, to make the job one of these dinosaurs, we need two, three volunteers. “

“Coviden has hurt, both at the judiciary level and at the volunteer level.”

Didier Taffineau (Chairman of the Yonne Basketball Committee)


The positive“In terms of the number of licensees, the athletes have come back well. People were really eager to play sports again. The youngsters returned to our clubs,” stresses Didier Taffineau, chairman of the Yonne Committee.

“The Stade Auxerrois, for example, has never had so many licensees: a little less than 240, it’s unusual, they had never been over 200,” emphasizes Florian Gillet, the federal technical adviser to the Yonne committee. “The clubs Saint-Sauveur and Charny should join next season. That is positive.”

The negative“We have a lot of problems with retaining volunteers,” said Didier Taffineau, president of Icaun. are young people who have stopped … Coviden has harmed the judiciary and volunteering.It is especially these two families that are exposed to problems.Even us, at departmental structure level, we have many problems getting people into the steering group.Our steering group is incomplete “There are vacancies. It’s not just in the clubs …”

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The positiveThe Burgundy-Franche-Comté Rugby League retains, first and foremost, one satisfaction: to have been able to complete all its competitions. “We would say that the start of the season was a bit complicated to manage, admits Jean-François Contant, the regional president. Over the weeks, everything went back to normal and we were able to complete our championships. Were respected. We had anticipated, with relapse dates, etc. The day of the regional finals, where Chablis also did really well, was the D-day we had planned We lost very very few licenses in seniors We had others in young people, it compensates. And then in girls , as women’s rugby is thriving. In general, it’s positive. “

The negativeHowever, the manager does not hide the difficulties of certain clubs. “Of course, they suffered during the absence of certain volunteers who had difficulty returning who had adopted other habits under Covid.”

However, that is not enough to tarnish an overall positive recovery season.

premium David Parizot, President of RCA: “The balance this season is necessarily very positive”


The positiveAlthough clubs and committees have had to draw as much on their financial reserves as on their motivation, this season has been marked by concrete projects. “It’s a year where the clubs have started to professionalise with a lot of apprentices,” said Thomas Skaghammar, chairman of the Yonne handball committee. “We started the year with eight apprentices in the area, we end with six. There had never been so many apprentices in Yonne at the handball level. For ten clubs, knowing that eight clubs have teams young out of ten. That’s pretty positive. We also has our new federal technical adviser, who has had to make his mark, make himself known to the clubs.We are resuming activities in the schools.It is a new cycle that is beginning.

The negativeNearly 1,000 licensees in the handball clubs in Yonne against 1,300 before the health crisis: The account is not there. “We have not got it all back,” says Thomas Skaghammar. “I know we had a hard time recovering children because of the health card. We missed a lot of judges, we had a lot of inaccessibility. It was difficult to mobilize volunteers, educators. The clubs are also “relatively concerned about all this. There are clubs that have had a lot of trouble getting back on track for Covid. When we look at the results of the championships, it is not. It’s not great for the Yonne teams …”

The convalescence of amateur sports is not quite over.

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